Surprise yourself, take risks, put yourself out there, try new things, and experience life.

Graduating from college and transitioning into the “real world” can make even the most familiar places and spaces in life feel dissonant. I’d be lying if I said Austin feels the same way it did over the past four years but it’s not a negative different, just different. The unfamiliar can make some feel uncomfortable, but today I met someone (and made a new friend) who is handling change in such a positive way. Lyda is a photographer who moved to Austin not too long ago and reached out to me on instagram last week to see if we could shoot around Austin. I was pumped. She has such a positive spirit and I thought the way she handled her move to Austin – putting herself out there by asking other people interested in the same things as her to collaborate, was really cool. Sometimes you just have to take risks, do the things you’ve never done, and experience life.  Now let’s talk fashion, I’m pumped to show y’all the pictures!

Cut in a simple, airy silhouette, with sheer body, this lightweight dress made me feel like a romantic. LaCausa is based out of LA and known for their angel wash fabrics and flowy fit that blend together to create the ultimate modern bohemian vibe. This dress in particular comes in four different colors all hand dyed and, don’t overlook the pockets! So simple, so chic.

Thrilled to see a beautiful selection of LaCausa’s clothing – along with some of my other favorite Australian designers- at COVE, a boutique located on South Congress, right in the heart of Austin, Texas. COVE is hosting a grand opening to celebrate this new location on Saturday, January 16th from 11 am to 6 pm at 1318 South Congress Ave. Austin, TX 78704 and y’all are all invited! I can’t imagine leaving COVE empty handed. The curated selection of effortlessly chic clothing and unique designers is what sets this establishment apart from other boutiques in Austin, and is exactly why I will be going back!

Check out COVE’s website. Outfit details and links down below!

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