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My Secret For Longer Eyelashes

This is a long time coming. I am excited to share more beauty content with y’all. And today I want to share with y’all what I do make my eyelashes look super long and full!

For longer lashes, I use a serum, primer, and my sacred mascara I have been using since high school.

SERUM. I was pretty skeptical about using a serum but this guy actually works! I noticed a difference within a couple of weeks and love that on my lazy days #HairTiedChillinWithNoMakeUpOn my eyelashes

PRIMER. THIS IS EVERYTHING. This was my first time trying an eyelash primer and I’m obsessed. A primer helps give your lashes length so that you don’t have to apply ten thousand layers of mascara, making a clumpy look.

MASCARA. I owe my eyelash mystique to this product. It’s less than $10 and seriously my most important piece of make-up. I have tried more expensive, designer mascaras and found a lot that I liked– but this will always be my all time fav because of the length and lightness it gives my lashes.


Pro Tip. For a more dramatic look I tightline my eyeliner. Tightlining is when you apply a thin line of eyeliner to your upper lid’s waterline to better define your eyelashes!

YASSS for sassy eyelashes!  Let me know if my mascara routine works for you!