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Reasons Why I Love Olay Skin Care Products

WOW!! I learned soooo much about the science of skin care with Olay!!! The scientists seriously blew my mind!! I was so fortunate to go to Cincinnati and visit the P&G headquarters where they test Olay skin care products. I was able to meet with the scientists and learn about what goes in to their skin care products. DID YOU KNOW it takes 50 cups of kale to get the same amount of b3 that’s in one dose of Olay?!

I received some of the most helpful advice from Dr. Frauke Neuser the Principal Scientist at P&G. She did the VISIA skin assessment test on me and came back with these surprising results about my skin. Regarding brown spots and UV spots she said, “they are better than 85% and 66% of women your age, respectively! This is particularly interesting as we talked a lot about UV damage and sun protection. UV spots measure the kind of UV damage that isn’t quite visible yet but already happening. So your daily SPF habit is definitely paying out!” HALLELUJAH.

On to spots and porphyrins: she said they are better than average – a lot of this is down to skin type and cleansing routines. (Glad all my diligent hours spent forcing myself to wash my face early in the morning or late at night paid off.)

Textures, pores, red areas and under-eye wrinkles are a little below average. I think some of this had to do with the fact that we only gave you a wipe to take off your make-up – the VISIA is actually affected by make-up and cleansing residues. Also, the lines and wrinkles under and around the eyes could be partly down to traveling and getting up early that day, but if you aren’t using an eye cream already that might be something to consider (the Olay Ultimate Eye Cream or Hydrating Eye Gel are both really nice).

I am a firm believer in educating yourself in areas that affect your daily life. For me, if I know the reason behind why I should be (or shouldn’t be) doing something I am more likely to act accordingly. The more ya know, right!?

Here are some more takeaways I learned during the visit:

COMBAT THE SUN. The amount of makeup you would need to wear to get he proper amount of SPF to prevent sun damage, would make ya look like a clown… so you’re better off getting a moisturizer with SPF 25. We tried the Olay Whips and loved because it’s lightweight.

B3 IS YOUR SKIN SAVING INGREDIENT. Vitamin B3 or (Niacin-amide) does so many things for your skin. It improves skin resilience, hydration, skin tone, smoothness, pore appearance, brightness, and surface cell turnover. WOW. Everything I didn’t know I needed. You can find your dose of Vitamin B3 in Olay Skincare products (and kale!!).

HYDRATE YOUR SKIN. Keeping your body hydrated is so important!!! The effects of a hydrated body play a huge role in your skincare. I am going to start using this water bottle to help me track my water intake.

What are your favorite skin care tips!?


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