dani austin 2021 makeup routine

Let’s chat 2021 beauty products! Getting ready has always been one of my favorite parts of the day. It’s my me time! I usually pop on a sermon or a podcast while I put my makeup on. It’s my favorite way to ease in, and nowadays, it’s more important than ever since I’m mom’n all day everyday! It’s also my primary time to test new products for y’all! Here are a mix of some old and new favorites I’ve been loving so far this year.

1. Tula Gold Medal Skin Kit

dani austin 2021 makeup routine tula

It all starts with the skin! I’m a huge Tula fan and y’all are too. The Rose Glow Eye Balm was one of my bestsellers last year. I get it – it’s so good! I haven’t found a Tula product I haven’t liked. This kit is such an easy way to get your skin glowin’ this year.

2. Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Primer

dani austin 2021 makeup routine primer

This primer is such a solid base to build off of. It’s super glowy without making your skin look oily so I’m here for that 🙋‍♀️

3. Real Techniques Brush Set

dani austin makeup routine brushes

I pretty much only use Real Techniques brushes! They are such good quality and always an amazing value. If I’m not using a sponge, I’m using one of these!

4. Tarte Shape Tape Concealer

dani austin makeup routine shape tape tarte

My HOLY GRAIL concealer. It’s so pigmented that if you want, you can definitely just use it as a foundation by applying all over. It’s powerful, y’all! I use this every single day, and lately Tarte has had so many amazing sales. You can bet that I’ll be posting the next one so you can stock up!

5. Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer

dani austin makeup routine too faced bronzer

This is such a classic! I feel like this bronzer has been around since the early days of Youtube beauty – I have seen this in so many “empties” videos 🤣 It works for so many different skin tones and – bonus – it smells like chocolate. Yes pleaseee!

6. Grande Cosmetics GrandeLASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serum

dani austin 2021 makeup routine lash serum

I picked this serum back up recently! It’s pretty amazing for lash length and volume. I usually apply it everyday while I’m doing my skincare routine. Now I’m getting Tornado hooked!

7. Essence Lash Princess

dani austin makeup routine lash princess

This was THE find of 2020 and now it’s carrying into 2021. It’s my favorite mascara and it’s $5 y’all. I love when y’all tag me wearing this. Nothing makes my heart skip a beat like seeing someone get a good deal 😉

I can’t stop going back to these products, y’all. They’re just too good! But let me know what recommendations you have so that I can break outta my box with my 2021 beauty faves 🤪 And if you’re looking for more beauty product recs, I gotchu!