My Amaryllis Collection!

9-year-old Dani would be flipping out about this. Honestly, 18-year-old Dani would be too… WHO AM I KIDDING?! 27 YEAR OLD ME is totally FLIPPING out! Y’all, a dream of mine came true this year. I got to design a collection 😱 Seriously! When Amaryllis asked if I’d be down to create my own line, I practically threw my laptop across the room 🤪 I have ALWAYS wanted to make the perfect collection for my GIRLS, and it happened for real.

I thought maybe they’d just have me add some ideas along the way, sort of like I was a consultant, but it was actually ME! DESIGNING! THE! CLOTHES! From start to finish, I got to pick out what types of pieces I wanted, what shapes, what styles, what fabrics, what finishes! I wanted to make sure this line would make every one of my girls feel like hot MAMAS! It was important to me to be size-inclusive and to make sure each piece flattered each body type, and I am SO excited about the pieces that came together! Let’s take a lil peek at the collection hehe.

Thank you to my Amaryllis team for making this dream happen! I am so excited to share this collection with you all!



Austin Denim Shorts


I’m always on the hunt for the perfect pair of denim shorts for the summer – so I figured, why not make them?! From my time living in Austin, I can tell ya – if you’re not rocking a pair of comfy denim shorts, you’re the odd one out girlfriend LOL! I always struggled to find a pair that I felt really flattered my body AND were comfy. These ones are stretchy, distressed, and long enough to cover your booty – a triple threat hehe. I can’t wait to wear these all summer!

Lola Dress


The ideal dress for any and all summer outings! This cutie has a v-neck to let ya breathe, a scalloped hem, and butterfly cap sleeves. Throw this on with some wedges and layered necklaces for an easy-breezy summertime look. And of course, the inspo is my Lola girl! I’m pretty sure that if Lola could wear a dress, she’d rock this one!


Cassidy Floral Crop Top

I had to name this set after my right-hand girl, Cassidy, because that girl has it TOGETHER 👏 I have a thing for floral, and this top does it for me! This top has elastic all around the top which makes it so comfy, with added spaghetti straps for security (and cuteness)! You can wear this as part of the two-piece set, or pair it with denim shorts or a maxi skirt.

Cassidy Floral Pants


I never met a pair of floral pants I didn’t like! I have a lot of solid pants in my wardrobe, and wanted to spice things up. The elastic band makes these super comfy, but the fabric is so nice that you could totally get away with pairing these with a blazer and heels! 

Natalee Babydoll Dress


Babydoll dresses are so flattering and comfy – and this one has the sweetest peekaboo details and subtle high-low hemline! Obviously, I had to include pockets – dresses are ALWAYS better with pockets. When it’s a little chillier out, you can toss a sweater on over this dress to convert it to a skirt! Babydoll dresses have always been one of my fave styles, and now that I have my baby bump, they’re even BETTER 😍

Friday Crochet Ruffle Shorts


These are the perfect shorts to dress up any casual summer outfit. The crochet pattern and lace trim take a cute graphic tee to the next level! Try these with a flowy, colorful top or knot your fave t-shirt and add some accessories. 

Wildflower Graphic Tee

dani-austin-x-amaryllis-collection-1385dani austin x amaryllis collection-9551


Everybody loves a good graphic tee – they’re a summer staple! We have a lot of florals in this line, but didn’t have any BIGGER floral graphics, and I wanted to have that balance. This top comes in two color options, and is perfect for wearing on its own or as a layering piece. Try tucking it into some denim shorts and adding a kimono for added flair. You could even tuck it into the Floral Affair Ruffle Skirt for some serious flower power 🌼

Easy Morning Joggers


These joggers are my go-to for when I wish I could be wearing sweats but wanna step my style game up! These cuties have the chicest linen look and are so breathable for hot summer days. Tuck in a graphic tee to keep it casual, or add a lacey blouse to give the illusion that you put a lot more time in than ya did! These are my new secret weapon for anything work from home – I DID put pants on, and they TECHNICALLY weren’t sweats, sooo… 🤪

Floral Affair Ruffle Skirt

The only skirt you’ll need all summer! The dainty floral print pairs well with pretty much any graphic tee or a cute bodysuit. The waistband is seriously comfy and the tiers give it texture and dimension. 

Rebekah Lace Kimono


The easiest way to make any outfit glamorous! White and lacy, this kimono will go with pretty much every summer look. It’s so effortless to wear or to toss into your tote and add in the evening. I love the gorgeous lace detailing around the edges! My fave thing to do with this is to pop it on halfway through an outing if it gets a lil chilly. This is one of my fave pieces in the collection!

Honey I’m Home Henley


Every girl needs a go-to henley tee, and this one is the softest and most versatile in all the land! Layer it in the fall and winter, and tuck it into shorts in the spring and summer. The neutral color makes it such a wearable and functional piece. I actually polled you guys about this piece – do you remember?!? ☺️

Jordan Bodysuit


This bodysuit is my new summer staple. I always need a neutral top to tuck into patterned pants, skirts, and shorts! Wear this with some denim shorts and add a cute bandana, or use it as the best layering piece EVER. Since it’s a bodysuit, you don’t have to worry about coming untucked! Y’all actually got a sneak peek at this on my stories a while ago! If you remember we walking around in my kitchen with the tail of this bodysuit hanging out… that’s the Jordan Bodysuit 🤣 

Hazel Tie-Dye Dress

If this maxi dress doesn’t scream SUMMER, I don’t know what does! I wanted something super unique in the collection. The fun print and feminine fit make this ideal for so many summer occasions. It’s spunky and playful (like my Hazel girl!) but sophisticated enough to rock at every summer wedding or outing. I actually think this could be a gorgeous and affordable bridesmaid dress for a summer wedding, too!

I am so excited to hear what y’all think about my collection! Do you have a favorite piece in the collection?? Let me know!! A special shoutout to Amaryllis for this dream come true opportunity! ❤️