dani Austin my grocery essentials

The Ramirez family is a SNACKING family. We like to snack. We like to cook. We like to hydrate. Basically, where there’s food in the house, there’s us 🤪 With Stella, work, and trying to spend lots of good family time together (especially now that Tornado’s living with us for a while!), we’re busy! I wanted to share some of my favorite grocery brands that keep our pantry stocked and help us to keep up with life! Plus – I might sneak in a promo code or two for ya 😉

1. Magic Spoon

Raise your hand if you’re a cereal snacker 🙋‍♀️ Jordan and I love cereal – we’ll eat it for breakfast, or as a snack, and I know Stella’s gonna be the same. The only issue is, so many cereals are super sugary and just aren’t very good for you. We loveee Magic Spoon because it’s healthy cereal that actually tastes so good. I made Jordan test it on my stories and do a blind reaction, and he was so surprised by how good it was LOL!

When I think of healthy cereal, I think of super dry, gross bran flakes. Meanwhile, Magic Spoon is over here serving high protein, low carb frosted, fruity, and peanut butter cereals (and more!). It’s our go-to breakfast these days – so fast, healthy, and yummy.

2. Thrive Marketdani austin snacking essentials thrive

Thrive is honestly such a lifesaver! I am always throwing something in my purse to snack on or grabbing something to go in the mornings. Even though we’re home a lot, I’m usually holding Stella, my phone, or a dog 🤪 So having easy and healthy snacks that I can hold in one hand is so helpful. Plus everything Thrive has is so yummy. A few of my faves are:

  • GoodPops – organic popsicles. These are delicious! They don’t have any added sugar either – bonus!
  • Avocado Oil – not a snack lol, but a necessity for sure. I love to cook with avocado oil and this is perfect for spraying down pans, waffle irons, etc.
  • NuttZo Peanut Pro – I love this healthier version of peanut butter! Besides peanuts, it has almonds, cashews, flax seeds and more. Protein packed and tasty!

Thrive is so easy because they deliver right to your door! Makes grocery shopping so much faster. Everything is organic and they even have the foods sorted by diet, so if you have any restrictions, they make it really simple to shop. Plus, if you’re a new member, you can get 25% off right now!

3. Home Chef

I swear – Home Chef keeps this family sane 🤪 Home Chef lets you pick your meals, customize them, and delivers the pre-portioned ingredients to your door. No more crazy long lines at the grocery store. You can swap items out to fit your dietary needs, and the meals come with instructions for how to whip them up. I’m not the most experienced cook, so having a meal kit like this saves so much time and stress. It also helps us to eat healthier since we’re planning ahead! It’s like the super easy version of meal prepping. You can use code DANI80 to get $80 off ($20 off your first 4 boxes)!

4. Liquid I.V.

dani austin liquid i.v. hydration

I’m starting to see Liquid I.V. everywhere, and lemme just say – we were a Liquid I.V. family before it was cool 😜 It’s so important to stay hydrated, but it can be hard to drink enough water throughout the day – especially if you’re working out. Jordan and I both try to workout regularly, so Liquid I.V. has been the best discovery for us. The packets use Cellular Transport Technology to get water (and the other beneficial ingredients) into your bloodstream quicker, leaving you more hydrated – you can read all about it here! You can get 25% off website + free shipping with code DANI_AUSTIN25.

I love each of these brands for how they help our family function! I hope you benefit as much as we do. What are some of your favorite grocery hacks that keep you fed and healthy? We’ve been playing with our new air fryer if you wanna try any of my fave recipes right now!