dani Austin self tanning routine bronzing glowing tan

My BIGGEST regret is using tanning beds in high school. I can literally feel what it did to my skin to this day! Bad Dani! At the time, I just wanted that glow! Tanning gives a boost of confidence, and I still am never seen in my natural pale state lol. I have been through a LOT of tanning products, but my faves are by far Tanceuticals. I especially love the Self-Tanning Body Lotion and Self-Tanning Face Lotion! I apply before bed and sleep myself into a glowing beach bod!

I wanted to share my routine with y’all, but you have to make a promise to me first. Ladies, repeat after me: I, __________, do solemnly swear to use SPF no matter HOW tan I wanna be! You HAVE to take care of your skin – not protecting it is a big deal!

Now that we’re all on the same page, here’s how you can get that bronzed look without ever stepping foot into the sunshine hehe:

Step 1: Exfoliate

I use a sugar scrub in the shower to make sure that everything goes on nice and smooth! 

Step 2: Lotion it up

Take ANY lotion and apply to your hands, feet, back of your knees, elbows – anywhere where self tanner might crease! Apply generously girlfriend!

Step 3: Apply!

We’re using the ultra dark shade! You can use your mitt if you have one, or just your hands! I go back and forth. Make sure to just lightly rub it onto the tops of the hands. Speaking of hands, make sure to wash yours after! It takes about 7-8 hours to start showing, so plan ahead! This formula is just so natural and not streaky, it looks like I actually leave my house?! 

It lasts 5-7 days, so I try to apply like once a week! It’s honestly very low maintenance and it doesn’t dry out your skin like lots of other self-tanning products! After your 7-8 hours of snoozin, hop out of bed and look at yourself in the mirror because DANGGG MAMA! Who is that tanned goddess?! That’s literally it – it’s honestly so easy and fast. 

If you wanna see it all happen IRL, I made a whole Youtube video about it – check it out!

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 Do you have any holy grail tanning products?