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This is the original “Steph.” When I first started buying wigs I did not realize wig companies name them on their own so I made up my own name. BIG MISTAKE because it made sharing the links to my wigs a lot more difficult when people did not know the real name.

This is my favorite wig of them all so far. She is wefted so it’s more breathable and comfortable. Because it is wefted, you can actually touch your scalp while it is on and scrath through the wefts. I love that!. I’ve noticed wigs that are wefted do not pucker at the top as much as the 100% hand tied wigs. She doesnt hold curl well.


  • 12fs12 color and rooted (rooted makes them look more realistic especially for a blonde who gets highlights)
  • Jon Renau
  • or

Important notes: YOU SHOULD NOT COLOR A JON RENAU WIG UNLESS THE COLOR SAYS “RN” otherwise it will really damage the hair.

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This was my first wig of them all. I took Kim into the salon and they added a lot more choppy layers and took off some length. I find that Kim sometimes puckers at the top but not too badly. She has to be deep conditioned often or she gets super dry. She doesn’t hold curl well.


  • 100% hand-tied
  • Color: 12fs8 rooted
  • Monofilament top so it looks like natural growth
  • More details on Jon Renau
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This one frames your face and doesn’t have a lot of layers and no bangs. It is A LOT less dense compared to Sienna and Angie. Some may not be comfortable styling her because she is a lot thinner. I love her because she is simple and I usually just straighten her out for a long chic bob. She holds curl well!


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Angie is cute! It’s similar to Sienna but denser and 100% hand-tied and longer in length.  This is a great option if you are interested in a short 100% hand-tied wig. I have major issues with her puckering at the top. I think every wig is a little different so it could just be the one I got. Angie was kind of a longer length than Sienna. I took her to the salon to thin out the density and get her cut for a more trendy look.


  • Color: 12fs8 and rooted
  • 100% hand-tied wig
  • More details on Jon Renau
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Important notes: YOU SHOULD NOT COLOR A JON RENAU WIG UNLESS THE COLOR SAYS “RN” otherwise it will really damage the hair.

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This is the cheaper synthetic version of Sienna or Angie in my opinion. My first and best synthetic wig I actually wear. I still think the human hair looks way more real but I think I am just super paranoid because when I wear Clair out and about – no one can tell she is synthetic. With synthetic, you cannot add heat but the curls are permanent even after you wash.

Synthetic is cheaper and way easier to manage and take care of. If you get a synthetic try getting it rooted to make it look super realistic (unless you have all one color hair). Synthetic hair just looks more shiny to me. Synthetics are great to throw on to run errands or working out. They are much less maintenance.


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I LOVE every single thing about this wig EXCEPT the lace. The color, hair quality, style, everything was perfect. I had to cut the lace on my own and even before I did, I felt like it was lifting up above my forehead and did not rest seamlessly. I do think I cut it too short. You will have to cut your own lace!


  • Color: Dark Beige Blonde with Ash Blonde Highlight
  • 100% hand-tied
  • More details on Uniwigs
  • Shop at Amazon or Uniwigs
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This wig looks so real but it is a lot of hair and I was not used to it. Chavie is a master colorist and super easy to work with. just check out her Instagram to see her work. She is super talented.


  • Custom wigs
  • 100% hand-tied
  • Lace looks super real
  • Super dense wig
  • Coloring is amazing
  • Fill out form online to get a quote

Send her a Direct Message on Instagram or e-mail at for more information while her site is being built!

BelleTress Maxwella

I tried the dark color on at offices when I went in for a visit last month. I purchased the blonde Maxwella but returned it because I did not like the shade of blonde with my skin tone. If you have all one color hair this could be a great option!


  • Color: Honey with chai latte
  • Synthetic long hair wig
  • Not very dense which I liked but it may bother some people.
  • Shop at


Answering more FAQ’s here and sharing some affordable alternatives to make hair look fuller!

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Amazon Wig Stands // Amazon Blockhead + Tripod // Amazon Wig Hangers

Washing your Wig:

Amazon Jon Reanu shampoo and Conditioner // Jon Renau Wig Brush

Important notes: YOU SHOULD NOT COLOR A JON RENAU WIG UNLESS THE COLOR SAYS “RN” otherwise it will really damage the hair.