Dani Austin Jordan Jordani Wedding

You know how people say a dog is a man’s best friend? Well in this case, this pup was also a wingwoman and eventually a flower girl ❤️. We totally owe our love story to Hazel! After all, she’s the reason why we went on our first date.

Dani Austin Jordan Jordani Hazel

Jordan’s love for Hazel was the first thing about him that made me say, “Wow. I think I could love someone who loves their dog this much.” 🐶 Hazel’s the reason I went on that first date with Jordan… and then the second… then the third! 

Dani Austin Jordan Jordani Love Story Date

Soon enough, Jordani was official. Days turned into months. Even though our relationship was definitely getting more serious, I never could have guessed what Jordan had up his sleeve. He flew from Texas to LA (where I was) saying that I had a “commercial shoot” to star in. He seriously planned SO many parts to that day. It even involved a magic show in a helicopter 🚁. He told me that the last scene needed vlog footage from the rooftop, so I went up to the rooftop, when all of a sudden…

Dani Austin Jordan Jordani Love Story Proposal

There he was, on one knee (with the most gorgeous ring I’ve evaaaa seen!), and he popped the question. 😍 I said yes! We got married, starting working together as a team, and are now living happily ever after with our girl Hazel (and her newer sister, Lola)! Jordan’s even started his own podcast called The Influencer Husband – and hey, the “influencer” he’s talking about is me hehe! We made a cute lil video telling the story if you wanna see the whole thing!

Dani Austin Jordan Jordani Love Story Wedding Hazel

I knew that dog was special – and boy, she didn’t disappoint! If you have a love story, I’d love to read yours below ❤️ EspECially if a pup had something to do with it 😜🐕