dani austin park city Utah trip

We’re hittin’ the slopes ladies ⛷️ Once Tornado finished her treatment, she had a request – to see the mountains! So we packed up the fam and took a little trip to Park City, Utah. If you’ve never been, the area is so beautiful and it’s so fun for a snowy getaway. We’re skiing, shopping, and having fun being tourists! If you’re thinking about taking a trip, I wanted to share what we’ve been up to inspire ya!

First things first, we had to get our gear.

We rented our ski suits and accessories from Kit Lender! We’ve used them for the last two years and love how everything just ships to our hotel or Airbnb directly so that we don’t have to pack it. We got the package with gloves, goggles, and the suit itself. You can get long underwear added too if you want! For the actual skis, boots and helmet we used Black Tie Ski Rentals. They came to our Airbnb to do it too, so it’s just super convenient.

dani austin park city Utah trip


St. Regis: We went to the St. Regis and took the funicular (funny word I know) all the way up to people watch and take in all the views of Park City.

Burns Hats: One of my favorite parts of the trip so far was stopping into Burns Hats! They do all of the hats, belts and buckles for the show, Yellowstone! All belts and buckles are made in-house. I got the coolest hat made – and the experience was so fun. They are such kind people. They have been around since 1876 and are still keeping up with the times! Nick, the manager is famous on Tik Tok. Check him out @thenew_yorkkid to see more. Also – they’ve made hats for Kevin Cosner and Tornado was VERY interested in the subject (she thinks he’s super hot) 🤣

Dinner places

Grappa: I ordered the spaghetti, but I’ve heard the eggplant is good as well! It is actually a house converted into a restaurant, so I felt very cozy and at ease the whole time I was eating.

Twisted Fern: This spot was okay! Not my fave, but pretty platings.

Powder: Powder is a must for anyone visiting Park City. They have great food and an even better ambience. It is housed inside the Waldorf Astoria, so you can definitely dress up and have a good time.

Lunch places

Danza Pizza: I got the margarita pizza and so did Tornado! It was so good that my mom snuck some back in her purse and ate it on the plane ride home LOL.

Atticus: They have food, coffee, books, and tea – what more could you want! I ordered bagel sandwiches from here more than once on this trip. My favorite was cream cheese and avocado on the everything bagel.

Breakfast places

Bridge Cafe: It’s right next to Park City ski lift, so if you wanted to eat there before you head up to ski or snowboard it would be the perfect spot to do so!

dani austin park city Utah trip

Mountain We Skied 

Park City Mountain: Fun fact: this is the largest ski resort in North America. The “powder” as they say was great when we were there! I would definitely suggest going in March even though it’s technically the end of ski season.


Our VRBO was one of the best parts of the trip. Logistically, it made so much sense. Each room had its own bathroom. I always love that when you’re traveling with friends and couples.

There was also great natural lighting and it’s in close proximity to Main Street. This makes shopping, restaurants, and attractions easily accessible. I’m going to link the VRBO here so that you girls can check it out if you are planning a ski trip anytime soon.

Coolest VRBO feature: boot dryer room for skis and equipment and BUNK BEDS. This would be great for little ones to roam around and play. I guarantee you Landon and I would have loved this growing up.

This trip was a perfect way to spend time with my family after such a heavy time with Tornado’s treatments. I just wanted to say thank y’all for all of the love and support you’ve shown to us. You’ve made us all cry more than once with your sweet messages, prayers, and even gifts. I feel so genuinely thankful for you.

If you decide to take a trip to Park City let me know what your favorite things are! I’m sure we’ll be back in the future. If y’all want some tips for travel beauty essentials, I wrote a post here!