Jordan and I decided to plan a last minute getaway to Tulum.  We always want to prioritize our marriage above everything else – if you don’t, it’s easy to let other things slip in! We decided to book a little getaway to just be together and recharge. Tulum felt like the perfect choice. We typically go to Cabo San Lucas but wanted to try something different. We’ve been sharing bits and pieces on stories and y’all have had so many questions, so we wanted to put everything in one place.


We flew from Dallas to Cancun International Airport with American Airlines. Unfortunately, Southwest Air only had flights that were 9-11 hour travel times. We arrived around 2:10pm. A driver from Supreme Transfers picked us up. Because of the traffic it took us four hours to get from the airport to our first h0tel, but typically only takes two hours.

1. Casa Malca 

Okay, I have to be honest. This boutique hotel is funky. It was a cool experience but had a pretty swanky vibe.  Jordan and I didn’t feel like we fit in lol.  Jordan’s wallet was stollen as we were laying out on the beach the first day, so we pretty bummed and paranoid from then on out. We told the staff and they did not really care to help. But! After hours on the phone with the bank, we decided to make the best of it! Luckily, Jordan was prepared and had lots of backup credit cards and cash.

The rooms are massive which was nice. You’re immediately surrounded by gardens and the ocean – a dream. It’s got a lot of eclectic rooms and art pieces everywhere, and they have tons of super comfy beach seating to lounge on. It had one big pool next to the ocean. The hotel amenities include a Nespresso machine and free daily breakfast, AC, and our bedroom had beach access! We stayed here for 3 days, 3 nights.

2. Papaya Playa Project 

This hotel had a private pool feature which was too cool to pass up! You truly feel like you are staying in the jungle at PPP.  It’s beautiful. Just as a warning, I woke up to a scorpion in the bathroom one night! But, hey it’s their home!  I loved that it included a terrace with a hammock – after all, if you didn’t hammock, did you even vacay?!  It had two small pools next to the ocean. This hotel also had an ocean view room with a king size bed. We stayed here for 2 days, 3 nights.

3. Be Tulum 

This place is amazing! We didn’t plan on staying for longer, but our flight was cancelled due to the weather in Dallas, so we booked this hotel while we were already in Tulum. Even though it was a little stressful, it ended up being my favorite hotel of the trip! The staff was incredible. So friendly and joyful and made us feel so taken care of and at home!

We ate at Ocumare connected to the hotel, it was my favorite restaurant! We stayed here for one night before we were able to get back to Dallas.

Dinner Reservations  

Thursday, February 11 – WILD Tulum Restaurant 

Friday, February 12 – Arca Restaurant Tulum Beach 

Saturday, February 13 – Taboo Tulum Beach 

Sunday, February 14 – Tseen Ja at Azulik Tulum

Monday, February 15 – Casa Jaguar Tulum Beach 


Spa Treatment

We made a reservation at Yaan Healing Sanctuary and y’all – it was such a unique and relaxing experience! They start off with a “pretreatment” where you go from a steaming room to a sauna to a pool, and then for the actual treatment, they do a body scrub, a cocoa body wrap (literally like chocolate all over!), a ylang ylang massage, and end it with a flower salt bath. It was pretty magical.

Tulum Jungle Gym 

I had seen this place all over Insta so I knew we had to go! It was so fun and you really do get a killer workout in. We went around 8 am to avoid the crowds and it was perfect.

ATV Riding 

We rode ATVs with Aventuras Mayas and it was a blast. 


We also did zip lining with Aventuras Mayas and I faced my fear of heights! I’m always down for an adventure but heights have always kinda gotten to me. Once you do your first one, your fear just disappears because it’s so fun! 


Aventuras Mayas included a visit to this cenote in its ATV tour package! It was so beautiful and feels like one of those things you have to do in Tulum while you’re there.

Just So You Know

All restaurants we went to took credit card. You can also pay in either Mexican pesos or U.S. dollars, but the exchange rate works in your favor if you pay in pesos. Thankfully, there are plenty of ATMs around.  Taxis are easy to come by. Wear comfy shoes for all the walking and shopping. Tulum is VERY casual so bring your swimsuit cover ups and maxi dresses and leave the heels at home and don’t forget your bug spray.

Covid Test

In order to return home, you must get a COVID test done at the hotel 72 hours prior to your flight hone and it must be negative. When you check into the airport for your departure, they will ask you for the document. The document must show proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken within 3 days of departure. Each hotel offers on sight Covid tests and it takes about 24 hours to receive the results (sometimes longer). It’s very important to time the tests out perfectly so you can get home!