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When Amaryllis invited me to come to Paris for a week, I couldn’t type “OUI OUI” fast enough! I have ALWAYS wanted to visit the City of Loooove, and it’s so special that I got to do it all with my fave person (and my fraaands!). We had such a fun time and I wanted to share a Paris travel guide in case any of you are planning a Parisian adventure. 

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dani austin paris travel guide

Gold Silk Dress (S)

Hôtel Plaza Athénée.

We stayed at the Plaza Athenee and it was STUNNING. You can literally see the Eiffel Tower from the balcony!!! It’s located near Avenue Montaigne where you can find the best high-end shops, and it even has a Dior Institut spa inside the hotel itself!

PLUS – this is the same hotel that Carrie from SATC stayed at when she came to Paris, so you know it’s the best hehe.


Amaryllis planned the most amazing itinerary for us! If you can add all these to your list, you won’t regret it!

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Leopard Beret // Tan Trench Coat (XS) // Mock Turtleneck Long Sleeve (S) // Skinny Jeans (0) // Tan Booties // Gucci Belt

Love Tee (S) // Skinny Jeans (0) // Fur Jacket // Gray Beret // Riding Boots

Do the touristy stuff!

Take the tour, plan a picnic, visit the famous monuments. We loved visiting the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower! Sure, it’s touristy, but it’s the freakin EIFFEL TOWER! You can’t see it anywhere else (Vegas doesn’t count 😉 ) so you might as well get your fill. 

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paris travel guide the lourve

Je T’aime White Tee (S) // Pink Satin Skirt (XS) // Golden Goose Sneakers *similar*

Still the Louvre…

If you’ve listened to that Lorde song you know what I’m talking about 🤪 How iconic! You can’t visit Paris and not go to the Louvre. However! If you wanna see the world’s most famous lady, Mona Lisa herself, you better plan for a 3-hour wait! This sassy mama is in high demand 😏

dani austin paris travel itinerary

Mock Turtleneck Long Sleeve (S) // Tweed Skirt (S) // Black Beret // Black OTK Boots

Siene River Boat. So fun and so unique! You get to take in some beautiful views PLUS have a yummy dinner 🤤

Printed Cardigan // Gold Lace Cami // Skinny Jeans (0) // Tan Booties

Raise a glass to a champagne tour! France is famous for its champagne, and we had the best time spending time with each other and bonding over bubbly.

Make it official at the Love Lock Bridge! It was so fun seeing this – so many couples have left a lock as a symbol of their love, honestly so moving! They took a TON of them down in 2015 (they were so heavy!) but since then, over a MILLION have been placed again lol! Ya just can’t stop love ❤️

See a show! We saw Moulin Rouge – it was so amazing!!

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Mock Turtleneck Long Sleeve (S) // Tweed Jumper (XS) // Black Beret // Black OTK Boots

Palace of Versailles.

Getcho fanciest dress on and set loose your inner princess at the Palace of Versailles 😍 What an AMAZING place! Did you know that there are over 6,000 paintings in there?! So ya might wanna plan to be here for a few hours 🤪If you have enough time to budget a day trip to the Palace of Versailles, I definitely recommend it! Now Jordan knows exactly how I want to decorate our future home! hehe


Guys, you literally can’t go wrong. There’s bread, cheese, and chocolate croissants EVERYWHERE 😍 You’re pretty much guaranteed a good meal wherever you go, but here were our faves!

best paris travel guide

Black Leather Beret // Mock Turtleneck Long Sleeve (S) // Cream Wide Leg Pants (XS) // Gucci Belt // Black Sam Edelman Sandals

Apres – this place serves a mean beef tartare y’all. Such elegant, tasty meals! 

Cafe de l’Homme. What can I say, the food is incredible but it’s the view that is absolutely INSANE! You literally sit right in front of the Eiffel Tower. We were so close that by the time we left, we’d exchanged Insta handles and our deepest secrets 😉

Colorful Sweater (S) // Skinny Jeans (0) // Tan Booties // Cream Beret // Tweed Skirt // Red Leather Beret

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laduree paris macaroons girly pic

Laduree – if you’re looking for the cutest, tastiest macaroons you’ve ever seen, this is the PUH-LACE.  You guys, they even have rose petal flavored ones. ROSE. PETALS.

Burgundy Mini Dress (XS) // Golden Goose Sneakers *similar*

Pink Mamma – I think this might have been my fave place. It is honestly one of the most beautiful, unique restaurants I’ve ever been to! And they take their food seriously – like they breed their own cows to make sure the meat is exactly how they want it! That’s DEDICATION!

Breakfast at Bert’s Cafe. Bert’s Cafe is a great breakfast option! They have lunch options, too.

Above all, remember you’ll have fun regardless of what you do in Paris! Are you heading on a trip to Paris soon? Save this Paris travel guide to plan your own itinerary and let us know in the comments what you’d do if you were strolling around Paris!