If we’re being real, life can be really hard sometimes. And while it’s important to walk through those things and face them, ya have to let the light in, too! Our family really believes that positivity is powerful! We believe in both laughing AND crying together. We’re always pointing ourselves back to the positive and always choosing to focus primarily on the good, so I wanted to put together a little positivity roundup for y’all! When I’m down, a little prayer time, random dance around the kitchen, or a good quote can pick me back up. Here are some faves (and a few dog pics mixed in because there’s just nothing more positive than dogs)!

To Do List

My team put together some cute, encouraging phone wallpapers for y’all last year! If your home screen needs a refresh, you can check them out here. The little things make a big difference!

dani austin positivity roundup wallpaper

Change is Good!

It’s okay if you aren’t who you used to be! Growth and change are good things. It can feel scary, but if we aren’t growing, we become stagnant. We were made to grow!

dani austin positivity roundup positive delight


Puppies are just automatic de-stressers. They’re fluffy magic.

Take Your Time

It’s easy to get caught up in instant gratification, but good things take time! All of the changes you’re making WILL be worth it. Keep going and keep growing!

dani austin positivity roundup mhn Morgan harpers nichols

No Greater Treasure than a Friend ❤️

It feels so good to realize you’re not alone! Someone else thinks like you, feels like you – GETS you!

dani austin positivity roundup ash abercrombie

You Go Girl!

Your dream IS achievable and the Austin-Ramirez clan is cheering you on!

dani austin positivity roundup Lisa koesterke


We all need these practical reminders sometimes. If you’re feeling stressed, try one of these helpful activities to work through it!

dani austin roundup positively present

A Whole Mood.

This is what I’m all about anytime after 7PM.

dani austin roundup shop bando

Talk it Out

Sometimes, I gotta talk to Jordan, or my mom, or a friend, but sometimes I forget to talk to God! I loved this little quote as a reminder that sometimes, it’s okay to just vent to the Lord!

dani austin positivity roundup

Positivity is key! Mindset is so impactful. What brightens up your day? Let’s share some sunshine in the comments! I wanna know one thing that instantly cheers you up.