Dani Austin Pink Pajamas Prevent Adult Acne

Dani Austin Pink Pajamas Prevent Adult Acne

Chenille Sweater (XS) // Chenille Shorts (XS) // Faux Fur Slippers

It’s every girl’s worst nightmare: you wake up in the morning and can feel it before you even get to the mirror. Yep, you know what I’m talkin’ about. The dreaded ZIT! What the heck, y’all!? Aren’t teenagers supposed to be the ones cursed with pimples? Isn’t one of the blessings of reaching adulthood that your face will finally clear up? Well, apparently not. (wahhhhhh!). And let me tell you, adult acne is definitely a thing (I know firsthand). But good news—it doesn’t have to stop you from stepping out in confidence! There’s so many tips, tricks, and products out there that can help, so get ready to give a big “Aw Hellz No!” to breakouts. Here’s how I prevent adult acne from crampin’ my style.

Be Zen. Stress has a MAJOR effect on your skin. I try to live a mindful lifestyle, and even though my schedule might be cray-cray, I know that if I let my stress level got out of control, I’ll suffer the consequences. So whether it’s meditation, exercise, or whatever drives down your worry and anxiety, remember that not only can it calm your mind, but can calm your skin, too. Namaste!

Pamper your skin. Are you one of those gals who “forgets” (read: plain ‘ol lazy) to take off her makeup at the end of the day? Yeah, I’ve been there, done that. But YIKES, it’s so bad for your skin! Instead, find the products that you love, and make your morning and evening skincare routine fun! Trust me, your complexion will thank you.

Don’t pop! Listen carefully: Don’t. Pop. Your. Pimples. Seriously, don’t do it! I know the temptation is driving you insane, but popping zits only makes things worse because they can get infected and take longer to clear up.

Watch your intake. I’m not telling you to never indulge in your favorite salty chips or that melt-in-your-mouth ice cream (Hello? Everyone needs to LIVE a little!) . What I am telling you, however, is that moderation is the key. Certain foods can be triggers for acne, so figure out which ones, and cut back a bit. On the flip side, one thing you can’t get enough of is WATER. So chug, chug, chug!

Try some products. There’s a whole host of over-the-counter creams that are designed to fight acne. Some of the key ingredients you’ll want to look for are: salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and glycolic acid. These will tackle even the toughest breakouts, as well as exfoliate and reduce inflammation. These are some of my favorites:

Makeup is your friend. Ok, so I’m all about going “au natural” and firmly believe that beauty is not solely defined by what you look like. But, let’s be honest: there’s some darn good makeup out there! So if you choose to wear it, look for products that match your skin type (oily, dry, etc.). Foundation, concealer, and blush can go a long way to help camouflage those pesky red marks. Not into makeup? That’s cool. You do you, girlfriend!

Clean your make-up brushes!!! It’s easy to let months pass by without even thinking about all the bacteria that could be collecting on those things. My favorite way to remind myself to clean my brushes is with this gadget that you can stick to your sink that has bristles and soap to leave you with no excuse to have clean brushes!

Looking back at pics from high school might give you all the feels, but seeing that lovely map of red dots covering your face? Not so cute. If you’re one of those peeps who got the short end of the clear skin stick, well….you’re not alone. Thankfully, you’re now older and wiser—and armed with an arsenal of info to tackle adult acne for good. Peace out, acne!


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