Dani Austin The Sassy Club T-Shirts


AHHHHH!!! The Sassy Club t-shirts are officially LIVE AND I hope these shirts are a reminder that YOU are STRONG, WORTHY, AND BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED.

You are so loved and have a sisterhood of sassy mamas cheering you on, having meet ups in 65 cities across the USA, and 5 countries all over the WORLD!! (Seriously, the Sassy Club just launched in Australia!!!!)

No matter where you are in life, whether you are moving to a new city, going through a break up, entering motherhood, traveling, grieving a loss, or looking for a new job, there is a sassy sister WAITING, wanting to get to know you and love on you!!! Thank you guys for accepting me for the goofy weirdo I am. Thank y’all for extending that love to the Sassy Club members.

HOW TO SHOP. Enough of the mushy stuff… You can get your shirt here!

T-SHIRT DESIGNS. There are 4 t-shirt designs and each design has 2 different ‘fits’ RELAXED or FITTED. I know we all have different body types, so I just wanted to make sure there was a variety to choose from! In the photos you will see on the site, we are all wearing XS in the photos because those were the sample sizes we received. But I think I would go for a small since they are 100% cotton. .

QUESTION. What do you like most about the @thesassyclub or what are you looking forward to!? The meet ups? Facebook group? Book club? Let us know!