dani austin sephora sale

The Sephora Spring Sale is finally open for everyone to shop, and I’ve been getting recommendations ready for y’all! If you’re wanting to get some deals but aren’t sure what’s what, I have a bunch of faves below.

1. Chocolate Solei Bronzer

sephora too face dani austin

I mean, this is such a cult classic bronzer – for good reason! It’s a great pressed powder bronzer with thousands of great reviews. If you haven’t tried this you’ve gotta!

2. Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

dani austin sephora drying lotion

Have you ever tried a drying lotion? It’s great for zapping blemishes overnight. If you have acne prone skin it’s a must!

3. Kiehl’s Milk-Peel Gentle Exfoliating Toner

Kiehl's toner dani austin

I am such a believer in toner! It’s so gross seeing how much makeup is left on my face even after I wash it 🤪 This one also has LHA, a salicylic acid derivative, which helps to refine your skin’s texture!

4. The Makeup Eraser

dani austin makeup eraser

This thing seriously works. I still like to wash my face to get a deep clean, but when you’ve had a long day and just wanna hit the hay, it’s perfect to remove your makeup quickly and easily!

5. Silk Pillowcase

dani austin slip pillowcase sephora

My silk pillowcases have reduced my hair’s frizziness like crazy! Anti bed head for real!

6. Supergoop Glowscreen Sunscreen

If SPF isn’t already part of your everyday makeup routine, ladies it NEEDS to be!!! I can’t stress this enough! When I was younger, I didn’t take the best care of my skin – I even used tanning beds in high school! Now, I can’t believe that I did that to my skin – it’s one of my biggest regrets! Layer up with SPF every single day to keep your skin healthy and youthful!

7. St. Tropez Ashley Graham Ultimate Glow Mousse Kit

st tropez fake tan dani austin sephora
St. Tropez is such a great tanner! It’s on the pricey side, but this kit with the discount is a steal.

8. Dyson Airwrap

dani austin dyson airwrap
The airwrap has been on my wishlist forever and I’m thinking about finally grabbing it while it’s on sale. It’s an investment for sure, but everyone I know who’s made the leap LOVES it.

9. Living Proof Dry Shampoo

living proof sephora dy shampoo
The dry shampoo of my DREAMS. It’s SO good and it smells amazing! I’ve used dry shampoos that feel gunky but this one feels so clean and light.
What are you picking up during the Sephora sale? Let me know!! If you need more reccs, I made a part one here!