dani austin floral anthropologie skirt white sneakers

Graphic Tee // Floral Maxi Skirt // Sneakers // Clutch // Earrings


dani austin floral anthropologie skirt white sneakers

dani austin floral anthropologie skirt white sneakers


Graphic Tee // Floral Maxi Skirt // Sneakers // Clutch // Earrings


Ladies, is there nothing better than sauntering around in the PERFECT skirt or dress? I mean, c’mon! Who doesn’t love to feel ultra flirty and feminine? I bet you all have that one go-to skirt or dress that makes you feel ah-mazing…but why is that? Well, probably because it’s the right style for your body type! It’s no myth that certain cuts and silhouettes are more flattering on one woman than the next— and I’m here to give ya the breakdown.

If you’re a PEAR:

Your luscious curves rest on the bottom half of your body (hello, bootylicious! Think, J.Lo here). To highlight your curves, try pencil skirts. A-line styles will skim your hips gracefully, creating a booty-ful (see what I did there??) line. Wearing brighter colors and patterns on top will help draw the eye up and balance out your body.

If you’re an APPLE:

Round, juicy apples are a great way to describe women who carry weight in their midsections but are narrower on top and bottom. To show off those killer stems of yours, try a mini with some volume, like gathers or flounces in a lightweight fabric. Apples also look great is peplum styles that can camouflage your tummy.

If you’re an HOURGLASS:

Hey gurl, heyyyyy! With curves in all the right places, hourglass body shapes are highly desirable, but also easy to mimic! Showcase your narrow waist with belts and wraps around your middle. Pencil skirts and shift dresses are great for you, as are wrap dresses (like the queen, DVF!).

If you’re a RECTANGLE:

Ladies with a rectangle body shape might be a little lacking in the curves department, but that doesn’t mean they can’t achieve a feminine look. Strategic ruching and gathering can give some dimension to an otherwise straight frame. Or try colorblocking to give the illusion of curves. I love choosing flowy, ruffly fabric because it creates volume where I’m pretty straight up and down.

If you’re a STRAWBERRY:

The key for strawberries is balance. Because you’re widest on top, your shape is much like an inverted triangle. Try styles with volume, like full circle skirts, bubble skirts, and pleating. Keep it slim up top and let your bottom half do the talking! Ba BAM!

If you’re BUSTY:

So you’ve got your “ladies” and now you gotta figure out how to show them off (tastefully, of course). It might seem counterintuitive, but large busts actually look better with more open necklines, rather than full coverage. What I mean by that is, try a V-neck, or wrap style that opens up your chest, and avoid too-high necklines or turtlenecks which aren’t as flattering for big bosomed gals.


Raise yo hand if you’ve got a drawer full of push up bras! (*sigh*). No worries. If you’re a little lacking in the breast department, there’s lots of strategic things to consider. Go for styles that add volume to the upper half of your body, like bows, ruffles, or other details. Sweetheart necklines can also create more visual curve to your chest area.

Now, with fashion, you might say that there are no rules, or that the rules are meant to be broken. Which is cool because ultimately, you do you, girlfriend! However, if you’re looking for that one style that really just “works,” follow my tips and watch the magic happen.


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