Dani Austin Madewell Pink Jeans Flowers Spring Cleaning

Dani Austin Madewell Pink Jeans Flowers Spring Cleaning

Dani Austin Madewell Pink Jeans Flowers Spring Cleaning

Dani Austin Madewell Pink Jeans Flowers Spring Cleaning

Dani Austin Madewell Pink Jeans Flowers Spring Cleaning

Dani Austin Madewell Pink Jeans Flowers Spring Cleaning

Dani Austin Madewell Pink Jeans Flowers Spring Cleaning

White Ruffle Top (Similar) // Madewell Pink Jeans (Size 24) // Layered Coin Necklaces // Wedges // Rattan Crossbody

Spring is here, which means out with the old and in with the new! YAY for spring cleaning!! And if you’re anything like me, there’s nothing more refreshing than a little purging and decluttering. I LOVE the feeling of an organized life (is there really such a thing?? We can certainly try!). So that’s why I’m tackling some things around my house in a major spring cleaning attempt. My rule of thumb is if it hasn’t been used in the last year, it’s outta here (Peace out, turtleneck on the top shelf)! That will leave me with the things that I actually use and wear. Beyond “things,” it’s also important to take a good hard look at your daily routine and extracurricular activities to make sure you’re putting energy into things that really make you happy, balanced, and mindful. Here’s some of my favorite spring cleaning tips to bring good vibes your way.

Oh, quick question though! What are you favorite ways to spring clean? Do you have a favorite resource that helps you stay organized, what is it?! Share the wealth in the comments below.

1. Kitchen Clutter

The kitchen is the HEART of the home—a place where people like to gather (and I like to work while I eat, hehe.)  But ya know what else likes to gather there? Junk. Raise yo hand if ya have a designated junk drawer in yo kitchen….Yep, my hand is way up! Time to go through dat bad boy and toss the garbage that’s piled up! I invested in drawer organizers from Container Store and these are a lifesaver. Group items together! Sidenote. Toss the extra pens and pencils. No, Dani. You do not need 1000 pens….

Remember that old set of silverware that Great Aunt Marge passed on to you when you went to college? Well, it’s now crammed in the back of a drawer and hasn’t been touched since you upgraded your utensils. Chances are, you’re not going to have 25 people over for dinner any time soon (and if you did, I’m sure you’d bust out the plastic, amiright?), so time to get rid of it. Same goes for those 12 spatulas and serving spoons you’ve got—two or three is sufficient.

Don’t you hate spending all that time (and money!) at the grocery store, only to turn around the same night and say to yourself, “I have nothing for dinner.” Yes, you managed to buy three bags of goldfish crackers, but somehow forgot any fresh fruits or vegetables (Oops). Making a shopping list is the best way to make sure you get ALL the essentials you need for actual MEALS. Better yet, when you hit the store on a Sunday, take some time to prep meals for the week in advance. Y’all, this is SO helpful for saving time when your life is a little cray-cray. I love to plan what we’re eating for the week, so I don’t have to think about it later.

So ya got a whole cart of food…but ya better make sure ya got somewhere to put it all. Time to clean out the fridge! Check expiration dates, toss things that look (or smell) bad…ew, I know. An organized refrigerator makes for a much more inviting and enjoyable cooking experience. Invest in some clear containers to store food, whether it’s in the fridge or pantry. Being able to SEE what’s in the container will help you forget things and letting them go bad. Plus, it gives a nice, clean look to a space (which I love!).

Some other easy and practical tips for kitchen organization,

LAZY SUSAN. Store spices or any containers that may contain sticky liquids on a clean lazy susan!

MAGAZINE HOLDER. Use a magazine holder to hold your cutting board and cookie sheets.

RATTAN BASKETS. Keep open shelves uncluttered by stashing items in airy rattan baskets.

MOUNT YOUR TO-DO LIST. Declutter kitchen counters by mounting basics–calendar, phone, to-do lists–on the wall.

2. Closet Coordination

Let’s be real for a minute…how much shopping have you done over the past year? If you’re me—eek!— it’s kinda sorta a lot. And with only so much space in your closet, there’s no way you can keep everything. A rule I like to follow is that when I bring in something new, I get rid of something old. Haven’t worn something for a season? Chances are you probably won’t in the future. Might as well pass it along to someone who will! I love to donate clothes to charities, or even check out consignment shops to get a little cash for better items. Cha-ching!

Once you’ve purged what’s not worn or used, it’s time for a little closet renovation. Check out some of my top organizing tips HERE from my closet tour! You’ll feel so refreshed to be able to see everything you own and have a closet that reflects who you are as a person.

POSHMARK & EBAY. Sell your old clothes on one of these platforms to make a little extra cash! That’s how I have been investing in furniture and home decor.

HANDBAGS IN FORMATION. Line handbags along a top shelf for easy visibility. Stuffing them with tissue paper will also help keep their shape so they’re not a floppy mess. And for small crossbody’s and clutches use acrylic file organizers to keep them easy to access.

CREATE A DIY SHOE WALL. No built in shelves? Create a shoe wall with inexpensive shelving units from places like Target, Wal-Mart, or even a home improvement store. Let’s face it, shoes are often one of the most pricey pieces of an outfit, so why oh why are they tossed aside into a pile on the floor? Your Jimmy Choo’s (er, Sketchers) deserve better!

UNDERWEAR DIVIDER. I got mine from Amazon! (See above!) I always lose a sock or my fav pair of undies LOL. Kimber introduced these to me and they rock! They separate all my undies and socks so they are so much easier to find!

3. Computer Clean-Up

Oh boy, y’all…this might just be the biggest area that needs some spring cleaning! As you guys know, I’m on my computer A. LOT. Since it’s where I do most of my work, things start to pile up and bog down the space. Priority #1 for me is to declutter my computer. Deleting old, unneeded files, reorganizing folders—it’s tedious, but NECESSARY to stay SANE.

Unfollow accounts and people that don’t inspire you (But keep meh! DUH!). No one’s got time for things that bring them down—happy, upbeat, positive peeps only, please! Check out Unroll.me to unsubscribe from spammy emails (aren’t those the WORST?). I also like to do a thorough scan of all my social media platforms to make sure my feeds and those I follow are in line with my personality and values.

I also use Daisy Disk to find huge files on my computer and trash that can be deleted to create more storage, I think they offer a free trial!

In addition to your computer, don’t forget about that other smart device you carry all the time: your PHONE. That puppy’s got a LOT of stuff on it, so spring cleaning is the perfect time to declutter and delete. Remove apps you don’t use, transfer photos that are taking up space. Not only will your phone look cleaner, but it will probably function faster too…win-win!

Other apps and sites I use to stay organized,

EVERNOTE. This is my go-to app. It’s perfect for taking notes in meetings or after a call.

COSCHEDULE. This program is perfect for scheduling blog posts, online articles, social media content, and for working with a team on managing an editorial calendar together.

DROPBOX. Combined with Evernote, I use this app for both business and my personal life. I keep folders of all of the projects I’m working on and have the ability to work on them from anywhere anytime, on any device.

GROUPME. This group texting app is perfect for those who love keeping in touch via text message, but don’t love the constant distraction of being in the middle of 10-person group text AND GETTING 1000 NOTIFICATIONS 24/7.

VENMO. Easiest way to pay a friend back for that cup of coffee.

TRIPIT.  This app is the absolute best for keeping all my flight confirmations, hotel and restaurant reservations.

4. Routine Repair

Spring cleaning isn’t just about the physical things in your life. It’s also about managing your daily routine to keep your body and mind in the best, healthy place.

It’s easier said than done, but ya gotta take a good hard look at your commitments. Learn how to say NO occasionally. Taking on too much is a recipe for disaster, y’all!

Once you’ve got a manageable amount on your plate, arrange it all into a feasible and balanced routine. There’s nothing better than a morning routine to start your day off right. I love the predictability of waking up, having my coffee (because coffee=life), and knowing what is planned for the day ahead. Likewise, a bedtime routine is key for unwinding and relaxing your might for a good night’s sleep.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives that we forget to slow down and take a minute for ourselves. This spring, make YOU a priority! You’ll be glad you did.


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