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Puma Muse Lace Up Sneakers // Aqua Tweed Pink Blazer

Welcome, to my office. Today we are going to talk about motivation. There’s nothing like fresh new kicks to help you STEP into a brand, new day. lol see what I did there. Kinda corny but not that big of an is-shoe, right? Ok, I’m done! Say hello to my new Puma sneakers. I feel like they are ME in shoe form!!! Why is that, Dani, you may ask… Let me tell you:

I am many things… a fashionable chica who likes to workout on occasion but often my mind is in so many directions that I prefer to go towards simple outfits that give me lots of options! Also they are my favorite color pink and that makes me so happy. Picked up these cutie Puma sneakers and trendy blazer at Bloomingdale’s to channel my business with a side of fashionista, Dani.

Now let’s get into it! MOTIVATION. What does it mean? Where does it come from and why don’t I have it right now? HM. There are seasons of my life where I feel completely blank. Does that happen to you!? Things are going fine, but not really pushing me one way or the other.

I boil this down to a necessary revival of your spirit to DO. These are the three ways I stay motivated when I need to re-energize my life!

dani austin puma bloomingdales casual sneaker outfit

3 ways to stay motivated

1. MY COMMUNITY. What do we need the most in life? Relationships: love them, hate them, but either way they are vital. Having a solid group of friends and family can do wonders for keeping you on track and focused towards being your best self. Share your goals with your community to hold you accountable. And better yet, let others come to you to share their goals. There’s something magical about being able to support a friend! I love seeing how supportive The Sassy Club community is in their weekly topics about goal setting.

2. REVIEWING MY GOALS. Uhhhm, how did I get here. You had goals, honey!!! Whether it’s graduating from college, landing your dream gig or owning your own business, you set your vision and achieved it. It can be hard to think of MORE goals when you feel like you’ve maxed out. That’s not true. I know you’re capable of more! So sit down with a pen and paper and really think about what YOU want your life to look like.

After you have your dreams on paper, make a habit of constantly reviewing what you have written as a way to track your progress. One of my big goals this year was to buy a new sofa, Jordan and I had a challenge to save up for it and we finally achieved it!


The toughest thing about growing up is staying mentally FIT. If we keep our minds engaged to learn more about the things we’re interested we see that we have limitless potential! I keep my mind sharp by listening to podcasts or YouTube videos. Mostly about my faith, business or the casual make-up tutorial. Hey, learning is learning! Make it a habit to listen to a podcast or read a book about a subject that excites you. You’ll become wiser and more motivated to do more with allll this knowledge.

There you have it! The 3 secrets to stay motivated, through any season of life.

Do you get in motivation ruts like this, too? What are some ways you like to motivate yourself? Let us know in the comments below!


dani austin puma bloomingdales casual sneaker outfit

Puma Muse Lace Up Sneakers

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