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Why Being Busy Isn’t Always a Good Thing

“There’s never enough time in the day.” “I’m too busy to be organized.”
“Where did the time go?”
“I’m always slammed/swamped/drowning.” “She just doesn’t know how to slow down.” “I’m up to my neck with my to-do list.”

Raise your hand if you’ve ever said or been told these phrases. (MEEEEEEE!). If you’re like me, you say or think these A. LOT. For a long time I always thought being busy was a good thing—that it meant I was being productive and getting things accomplished. But guess what? I was wrong.

This year Jordan and I are realizing how we need to SLOW down. This whole “influencer” thing has a way of making you GO-GO-GO. We used to really appreciate the pace we were moving. It made us feel “important” and we associated being “busy” with being “successful”. This year has brought so much wisdom into our lives. We are realizing that “slow” can be “best” because even “opportunity” can become a “burden” if you let it.

Lemme explain…
Yes, being busy—to a degree—can be good. But being OVERLY busy is never good. And here’s why:

gal meets glam dress charleston
gal meets glam dress charleston
Gal Meets Glam Green Gingham Dress //  Wedges

1. Crash and burn.

Have you ever been so physically, mentally and/or emotionally exhausted that you literally feel burned out? Not a pleasant feeling. Chances are, you’re doing way too much. And that’s just not healthy for anybody. Self care is SO important, and that includes slowing down, focusing on yourself, and making sure you’re in a good place.

2. No FOMO.

By doing too much and saying “yes” to everything, you’re actually missing out on a lot of other things that are important for a balanced life. Sometimes pursuing our passions means that we need to prioritize and make time for what really matters. Take time to really make a work-life balance that you can stick to.

3. Where is Dani?

Ever been told you’re just not really “present?” Maybe that’s because you have a gazillion things on your mind and can’t concentrate on the present. Or maybe it’s because you actually aren’t even physically present because you’re off doing something else on your seemingly-necessary to-do list. Either way, people are gonna start to miss you. And you’re gonna miss them.

gal meets glam dress charleston

Here’s my tip for all you Sassy ladies out there:

Learn to say “no.” It’s hard! Trust me, I know! But saying no to certain things is, in fact, a crucial part of leading a healthy life. I’m all for staying busy, and I firmly believe that too much idle time can be just as harmful as being too busy… but it’s all about finding the balance.

If you find yourself bouncing from one job to the next, one task to the next, or one event to the next, with little time to breathe…consider this your clue: you’re too busy. Time to slow down, chica. Embrace your down time for what it is: a chance to relax, recover, and re-energize for what’s to come.