Dani Austin Clear Correct March Gray Jumpsuit straightening teeth

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Dani Austin Clear Correct March Gray Jumpsuit straightening teeth

Dani Austin Clear Correct March Gray Jumpsuit straightening teeth

Sooooooo, confession time. I was pretty much the nerdiest girl all through middle school and high school, and one of the primary reasons was my mouth full of metal. Yep, I was one (of many) girls who rocked those brackets and wires for quite some time. But the dental work I’ve experienced didn’t stop with just braces. Oh no…lemme tell ya…this mouth has seen it all: tooth implants, tongue thrust, herbst appliance (never heard of it? Google it and you’ll see pics in all its awkward teenage glory). Let’s just say, I’ve had A LOT of dental work in my life, and spent a lot of time as a metal mouth.

When I got to college and my dental work was FINALLY complete, I was SUPER proactive about taking care of my teeth, 1.) because I never wanted to wear braces again, and 2.) because my poor parents had spent an arm and a leg to get my teeth as beautiful as they were. So, brushing and flossing, and regular dentist visits became a must-do for me.

Thennnnnnnnn along comes this guy, Jordan, and his adorable yet mischievous pup, Hazel. And at the same time I was falling in love with both of them, HazelGirl decided she’d reciprocate the love by EATING MY RETAINER. #loveyamom

Since I was in a new town, it was harder than expected to find a new dentist, and it ended up taking about 3 months to get a new retainer. But by then, my teeth had completely shifted. And I was DEVASTATED. Since then, I just haven’t been able to take care of this shifting…and I know that braces are a huge commitment (and a lot of metal).

Dani Austin Clear Correct March Gray Jumpsuit straightening teeth

I’m beyond thankful to have discovered ClearCorrect, invisible aligners that do the same work as braces without having to resort back to those metal mouth nightmares of my youth. Plus, I was stoked to learn that ClearCorrect is based in Austin (woop, woop!), and I love supporting local businesses.

The process is super simple. First, check out the website to get a sense of the product, what it does, and search for a provider in your area. I found an amazing dentist, Dr. J. Christian Miller in Plano, Texas. At my first appointment, the doctor created a mold of my mouth—but it wasn’t that awful, yucky clay that I remember from the first time I got braces. This time, a tiny camera took pictures all around the inside of my mouth, and the mold was digitally created right in front of me (it was actually pretty cool, and I was admittedly geeking out a bit).

Within a few weeks, I received the trays—two sets—that I wear for about 3 or so weeks and then switch. When it’s time for the third tray, I’ll go back in for another checkup to see how everything’s going.

I’m so glad to have an alternative to metal braces, especially with our wedding day approaching! ClearCorrect aligners are so easy and definitely make me feel more confident during the straightening process.

Some of my first questions before starting are probably ones you may have too, such as “Does it hurt?” The answer is no. The retainers are a little tight at first but that’s how they’re supposed to be in order to work properly. What about, “How long will I have to wear them?” Well, it really depends on the severity of each person’s misalignment. I’m hoping to only have mine for a couple months max, whereas others might take a year or more. For best results, it’s suggested to wear the retainers ALL. THE. TIME. So, yep,

I’m sleeping and showering with mine. They only come out when I eat. But honestly, you get used to them and it’s not that bad.

Another huge factor, I know, is the cost. So while some insurance plans may cover orthodontics, many do not. The cost ranges from $2,000 to $8,000, depending on the extent of treatment.

In all, I’ve been impressed with ClearCorrect and am thankful to be back on the road to straightening my teeth (without the metal). And one thing’s for sure….I’ll be keeping my little fur baby FAR away from these retainers in the future!

Happy smiling!