Stratton’s nursery reveal is finally here!!! It has been so hard to not give y’all a peek along the way. Baby boy arrived two months ago and we have been working closely with Nestig and Coats Homes to bring my vision for his nursery to life. I am OBSESSED with how it turned out! Can’t wait to show y’all around.

Working with Nestig was such a dream come true! After being highly recommended, we purchased a Nestig Crib for Stella’s nursery. We fell in love with this crib pretty much immediately! The Nestig crib is so unique because it transitions from a mini crib, to a full crib, to a toddler bed.

When Sara, Nestig’s Co-Founder and CMO, gave us a sneak peek of their new Cloud Crib in Natural Wood I knew it would be so perfect for Stratton’s nursery!

Woven Storage | Mobile | Cloud Crib | Wallpaper | Paint Color 
Photo: Becca Lea Photography

Over the past few months, we worked with Nestig, and their incredible team of designers, to create the perfect nursery pieces. Together we designed Stratton’s wallpaper, sheets, quilt, mobile, digital art, and rugs! The most exciting part of it all is that you can shop my entire collection on their website now!

My inspiration for the nursery came from many different places. Starting out, I was confident in two things – 1. blue plaid curtains were a must and 2. little horse accents would be adorable. I loved the idea of putting a Texas spin on his preppy theme. After many design rounds, we landed on the perfect mix.

Juniper Sheets | Hill Country Sheets | Mobile | Crib | Juniper Quilt | Hill Country Quilt
Photo: Becca Lea Photography

One of the biggest reasons why I love Nestig is because of their design process behind the scenes. They put so much thought and detail into every piece that they create. Their items are made to order – which allows them to be super creative without risking markdowns and liquidations that end up in landfills. Nestig has a tight-knit team and almost all of their manufacturers are hand-crafted and women-owned.

For example, their mobiles are 100% handmade in São Paulo, Brazil. Anna and Flavia hand stitch each piece. I mean… tiny little cowboy hats and horseshoes… cmon. It doesn’t get much cuter.


Digital Art | Wood Frames | Rocking Chair | Accent Pillow

I really loved the look of small line art prints in light wood frames. We looked around for any kind of line art that would match Stratton’s theme. After having no luck, I showed Nestig some examples of what I had in mind. Within a week, Lui, their surface designer, mocked up 30-40 line art drawings that fit perfectly in to Stratton’s nursery. It was so incredible to watch the video of Lui drawing each piece by hand. Each little detail in this collection is so dang special.

Lamp | Plaid Rug  | Accent Pillow | Mobile | Lone Star Rug
Photo: Vanessa Chavez

To tie the look together, Coats Homes sourced cowboy hats from Cavender’s and hung them on the wall using adhesive hooks (our biggest yee-haw touch).

When designing Stella’s nursery, I never realized how much we would play on her floor (if you’re a mom, you feel me on this). I loved having a fluffy rug that Stella could roll around on as an infant during tummy time or changing. I really wanted Stratton to have a comfortable rug too. We decided to layer two rugs in his room. On the bottom, we put a super cute cream rug from Boutique Rugs. Layered on top, we have Nestig’s plaid rug. I LOVE that my Nestig rug is washable and made with organic cotton.

Lamp | Dresser  | Accent Pillow | Bear Hamper 
Photo: Becca Lea Photography

From the very beginning, something I was most excited for was to have a sofa in his room. We decided that having more sitting space would allow our entire family of four to share special moments together. Stella loves her bubba and wants to be a part of every moment! We already have the best memories hanging out in Stratton’s room all together. I highly recommend choosing a small sofa over a rocker if you have the space!

I am so obsessed with how his nursery turned out! I had so much fun putting together textures and patterns that you typically wouldn’t.  I love how colorful and playful nurseries can be. There is so much creative freedom when it comes to designing their rooms and that is so exciting. Creating my own pieces with Nestig was such a dream come true! I can’t wait to see pieces from this collection in your baby rooms too!!!! Be sure to tag me in your nursery pics!!!


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