You probably won’t see many swing dancing, rib eating, cowboy boot wearing females in many other parts of the world, but that’s why I’m so proud to be a Texas girl. I eat BBQ, compete on a western swing dance team, watch Texas football – sometimes all in the SAME DAY. Sure, it can be exhausting (and a little smelly) – so that’s why I am so excited to partner with and put Downy to the test, and show everyone how I get ready for a Texas-sized night out.

It all starts with a fresh outfit. And we know what clothes don’t make the cut: jeans that stretch and droop, a sweater that’s covered in fuzz, and of course ANYTHING that doesn’t smell fresh!

To prevent these issues, my mom taught me to use Downy’s Fabric Conditioner as a freshman in college. You know, the cute one with the pink cap? Lately, I’ve been refreshing my routine with Downy Protect & Refresh, which strengthens the fibers of your clothes to prevent, stretching, fading, and fuzz like Downy Fabric Conditioner as well as keeps bad odors from settling into them all day—like a deodorant for your clothes! Amazing life hack, you’re welcome!

For tonight I wanted an outfit that transitions easily from day to night and is easy to dance in. I went with a cold shoulder to show a little skin and I love how I feel comfortable to dance and move around, all night long.

Next up is the hair. Today I am using a curling wand to style my shorter hair. I watched about 2 hours of hair tutorials on YouTube the other day, trying to teach myself how to style shorter hair. Here is what I learned. It’s all about curling away from your face AND creating a bend in your hair, not so much a curl. The way I like to do this is just by leaving two inches out from the bottom of the curling wand.

As for makeup, my mom always says the point of it is to make it look like you’re not wearing any, but tonight’s the exception to my rule because I am going out on the town! For a more dramatic look, I am contouring with my favorite matte bronzer and add a pop of color to the apples of my cheeks. I also finish off with a matte lipstick because I find that it lasts all night long and doesn’t rub off.

Make sure to check out the video to see my dance moves and the whole “Get Ready With Me” routine.


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