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Thoughtful Valentine’s Gifts For Him

Confession time…Valentine’s Day is actually my favorite holiday. I love all the decorations and clothes decked out in red, pink, hearts, and kisses. Sharing some Valentine’s outfits for you here for whatever you’re doing on Feb. 14th!

Rounded up some options of gift ideas for your honey below! Let us know in the comments below what your Valentine’s plans are!


Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Sunlight Simulation.

Jordan is obsessed with this light simulating alarm clock. He uses it to wake up everyday and honestly, I started getting into it and it’s actually a really cool idea!


It seems like everybody and their grandma got Airpods for Christmas, your man might be wanting them as well! Jordan replaced his Bose wireless headphones for these because they’re truly wireless and more discreet than a big headset.

Dress Shirts.

He could always use a fresh dress shirt to sport around the office or for nice events. We recently found Mizzen + Main, a men’s retailer which makes shirts in trim sizes and don’t need to be dry cleaned– Hallelujah!

Thoughtful card.

Just tell him you appreciate! It’s the simplest thing to do but may mean the most, especially if his love language is words of affirmation!

Jigsaw Puzzle.

Maybe it’s just for my husband…but I think gifting a Jigsaw puzzle is such a cute idea! It’s something you can work on together and can really engage his inner child.

What I Love About You Fill In Journal.

I LOVE THESE. A fill in journal is so fun for both of you, it guides you to make sweet gestures and shows your man that you have a lot to love about him!

The Meaning of Marriage Book by Timothy Keller.

Jordan and I really enjoyed the “Meaning of Marrige” by Timothy Keller. It’s great to be reminded of the commitment we have made to each other and before God, especially in the busy seasons of life.

Memory Foam Suede House Slippers.

House slippers under $30!

Dinner at home.

Less is more. Surprise your man with a low maintenance night and swap the fancy dinner for a homemade one. Flex your skills in the kitchen or order in from your favorite take out place. Pour up some vino and sit back and enjoy simply being together, with no distractions!

Find a thoughtful valentine’s gift for your honey!