dani austin valentines gifts for her

Alrighty, gentlemen. It’s GO TIME. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and this year, I decided to help you out! 😉 These are some of my fave Valentines gift ideas for her – all from Amazon! SO easy – and for the last minute shoppers out there, most of these are Amazon Prime-able! My girls – you’re welcome 😘

1. Cute Sunnies

There are so many cute sunglasses on Amazon! I pulled a couple Valentine’s themed ones here, but there’s a huge selection to choose from.

2. Herbivore Body Polish

My dudes – trustttt me when I say – this brand is ALL over your girl’s Instagram feed 🤪 This is probably one of those fun purchases she doesn’t feel like she can justify herself but would be the perfect pampering present.

3. Bathtub Caddy

I would LOVE to receive this!! Hubbies – add in some bath salts, chocolate, and her favorite bottle of wine. If you have kiddos, give her a “a night for mommy to herself” certificate and let her have a spa night!

4. Massage Gun

This massage gun is another option if your guy needs an even more intense and direct massage! It comes with all of these massage heads to swap on and off so you can really get in there.

5. Heart Souffle Dishes

These are the cutest! If your girl is into cooking and baking, these would be a sweet addition to her shelves. Fill them with candy or little love notes to make it extra special.

6. Heart Charcuterie Board

OBSESSED with this one! Here’s an ultimate gift idea… buy the board. Shop for charcuterie ingredients. Do your best to make a nicely presented charcuterie board for her – it’ll either be super impressive or super funny, and both are total wins 🤣

7. Heart Waffle Maker

We use our little waffle maker all the time! If you haven’t tried the cinnamon roll waffle hack, just pop one of those premade cinnamon rolls in (the dough kind from the can!) and let the waffle maker work its magic. Top it off with the icing and enjoy!

8. Fluffy Slippers

This style of slipper is everywhere right now and they’re so cute and comfy! These Amazon ones have super good reviews and come in a ton of colors.

9. Fun Jewelry under $20

I love this necklace and these earrings. Both are gold plated but are so crazy affordable!

What are you getting your girl this year for Valentine’s Day?! If you need more Valentines gift ideas, I’ve gotchu!