Our engagement photos are in! Guys, I was so excited about engagement photos. I feel like these photos are important because they’re the pics you will look back at one day with your grandkids and be like, “Yup. Grandma and grandpa used to have it goin’ on!!!!” I’d say I was more excited about planning our engagement photos than I am about planning the actual wedding, lol. I shared a lot of my outfit ideas for our engagement pics on my Instagram story but I thought it’d be helpful for you guys if I just rounded up some of my favorite outfits and shared some ideas about how to plan outfits for your photoshoot to make the most out of the experience!

We are making major moves on this wedding planning thing! Check out our wedding venue, it’s a dream! Thanks to Haley Ringo for the amazing images.

Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas Dani AustinEngagement Photo Outfit Ideas Dani AustinEngagement Photo Outfit Ideas Dani Austin

SEND YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER INSPIRATION. I would search “engagement photos” on pinterest! (Check out my engagement inspo board here!) I knew I wanted a greenhouse shoot, ice cream shoot, and a look where we looked like we were in a forest. Ha. I know I was very specific.

KNOW YOUR TIME LIMIT. Engagement pics can be really expensive so you want to make the best use of your time! Typically you have about 2 hours to shoot, but it really depends on your photographer so you definitely want to coordinate with your photographer to know which locations will go with which outfit. Consider bringing hair and makeup tools to coordinate with each outfit as you change. I asked Jordan to drive so I could change up my lipstick and hair as we drove from one spot to the next.

CHOOSE OUTFITS AHEAD OF TIME. I had my outfits ready to go about 3 weeks before so I could start to envision the locations and time of day I wanted to shoot. I was able to pull inspo for each location once I found the outfits. PLUS I could pick outfits for Jordan.

PICK A W-O-W OUTFIT. I shot 3 looks with Jordan. One casual (sundress), one super basic (plain white tees for both of us) and one WOW outfit. (this metallic sequin dress). My WOW outfit was my favorite look we shot together. Ever try on something and think “I am in love with this dress, but where on earth would I wear it?” Well, that my friends is the outfit you should wear for your engagement photos! That is EXACTLY how I felt about this sequin Free People dress. This thang was CRAY! I can’t imagine ever wearing it but knew the texture and reflection of the sun would look amazing in photos. If it makes you feel confident and expresses your style, wear it.

TRY METALLICS AND SEQUIN. Try filtering to the metallic or sequin colors when you are shopping for dresses online. Search keywords like “velvet,” “sparkly,” “velour,” or “lace” to find textures that will photograph well. I’ve linked some of my favorite metallic outfits that could also double as holiday looks for this season!


You don’t want to be in a gown and have your finance in a tee and jeans. I actually went into Jordan’s closet and picked his outfits for him.

SHOOT EARLY MORNING OR BEFORE SUNDOWN. For that coveted golden glow it’s important to shoot during the right times. The lighting is always best right when the sun comes up or when the sun is setting. We shot from 4:30-7:30 at night.

Engagement pictures are such a fun way to document you and your fiancé before your wedding, and these are photos you will cherish throughout your marriage. Let me know your ideas for engagement photos or what you envision yours to be like one day!

Here are some dresses that are playful and fun for engagement photos in the fall and winter!Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas Dani AustinEngagement Photo Outfit Ideas Dani Austin  Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas Dani Austin Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas Dani Austin 24

Outfit Details: Free People Dress// Anthropologie Layered Necklace //