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dani austin x olay sun spf moisturizer may 2020 instagram post

Ladies, it’s 2020, we are all stuck at home, and I think we’re starting to forget how to take care of ourselves. Jordan and I have been trying to make sure we get out of the house every day, whether that means going for a walk with the dogs, hitting the trail, or crashing at our family’s unused outdoor pool 😏. Anything to get some SUN! I am so pumped about Olay’s new SPF skincare, the SPF Regenerist Whip SPF 40 because it keeps me safe while getting outside keeps me SANE!

I have said it before and I will say it again. If you only ever take ONE beauty tip away from me, I hope that it’s to apply SPF! A face mask or a bath bomb are nice ways to pamper yourself for an evening, but ain’t nobody got time for that every day! Real self-care looks like making realistic changes to your daily routines. Like taking care of what your mama gave ya and protecting that skin! Not only will SPF hugely affect your skin’s texture and fine lines – it will also protect you from the sun’s rays. 


I feel like so many of us skip over SPF in our daily routines. It feels like one more product we don’t have time to apply, and girl I feel you! That’s why I love this product because it’s built right into my moisturizer so it doesn’t even add a step. It’s a part of loving your body that often gets neglected. I find that the more routinely I apply SPF, the more I make time to get outside and enjoy nature. Taking back SPF in your routine is not only an act of self care for your body – it’s also encouraging you to get outside which is good for your soul

olay whip sun spf moisturizer x dani austin may 2020
olay whip sun spf moisturizer x dani austin may 2020

Olay Regenerist Whip SPF 40

I love putting this on before my runs every morning, and reapplying after my shower. It’s so easy because the formula goes from a whipped cream to liquid as soon as you apply it! It moisturizes and tightens your skin all while being a totally blendable base – no stickiness or greasiness here, no ma’am! 

Even though we’re in such a weird season of life, the amazing thing is we can still get outside to catch some rays. Being outside does wonders for your mindset, so apply some Olay Regenerist Whip SPF 40, head up to your rooftop, or go for a walk. Remember – sun care is self-care! How are you getting your sun in?!