wedding day mishaps

6 Wedding Day Mishaps I Wasn’t Expecting

Your wedding day is supposed to be the most perfect day of your life, right? I mean, seriously…after the CRAZY amount of planning that brides-to-be undertake in the months leading up, you’d think there’d be NO WAY anything would be out of place. HA! Well, little did I know that wedding days have a mind of their own sometimes. We had several things that went “wrong” on our big day…none of which were MAJOR issues, more like little surprises that weren’t planned. So here’s my new wedding motto for all you future brides out there: expect the unexpected.

1. Would you like a jacket with that?

Jordan must have been so focused on gettin’ to da alter on time, he forgot one important piece of his getup: his tux jacket! Whoops! He didn’t even realize until the last minute, but thankfully was able to catch one of our bridesmaids to smuggle it onto the shuttle to the ceremony venue.

2. Holy wind.

You know how Beyoncé always has a fan blowing on her during performances in order to get that sexy wind-blown hair? Well, multiply that by 100 and you get the insane wind that we faced at our ceremony. No joke, ya’ll…we were in a legit WIND TUNNEL. First, my veil blew off when I was walking down the aisle. It was actually kinda funny. Jordan just grabbed it and threw it in a pew. The wind was also SO loud I was concerned people wouldn’t be able to hear (and no one wants to miss two peeps professing their love, right?!). But one of my biggest worries about the crazy wind was our pictures. Let’s be honest, brides spend so much time and money on hair and makeup, I didn’t want any silly wind gusts to ruin it! Thankfully, my headband was able to keep most of my hair in place. Maybe I didn’t look quite like Queen Bey, but I definitely had that wind-blown look!

3. Get ‘em to the church on time

Our venue was out in the countryside, and although it wasn’t difficult to find, it became a bit more challenging when many guests discovered a bridge was out en route to the ceremony! A lot of people had to take a detour and ended up being slightly late (I say they were just taking the scenic route).

4. March of the penguins

The week before the wedding, I was still getting touchups and fittings for my dress. What I realized was that my dress was more see-through than I was comfortable with (That’s the difference between natural and artificial light, ya’ll!). So we ended up getting a slip to wear underneath. Great idea, right? Yeahhhhh….maybe if it wouldn’t have progressively slid down my legs through the night. I was pretty much waddling like a penguin for most of the evening, but no one knew (or they were too polite to comment…LOL!).

5. We got moves…sorta

Jordan and I planned and practiced the BEST wedding dance ever….then forgot every single step when the moment came. Maybe it was all the eyes on us, or maybe just the heightened excitement for the day. Either way, we blanked. So we ended up swaying together (which is still super sweet) for what ended up being a really long song (TIP: have yo DJ use a shortened clip instead of a full song!).

6. Does this dog belong to you?

During the hustle and bustle, no one noticed that my mom’s dog, Bella, disappeared. Turns out that little rascal ran away and was lost for nearly an hour without anyone knowing. Luckily, some kind stranger found her wandering down a dirt road and returned her to the venue.

All in all, our wedding mishaps were minor and the day was still so perfect. Looking back, I think it’s these type of things that add a little personality to the event. If you’re able to laugh about things going wrong, rather than getting stressed out, then there’s nothing that can deter your happiness. In a way, this day is a good analogy for how marriage will be: nothing is perfect, but it’s all about how you handle situations. On your wedding day and every day, it’s important to remember to live in the moment and have fun with life.