Today I am taking you with me as I shop for the perfect wedding dress and asking for your opinion! Which is your favorite? Which do you see yourself in? I’m pretty sure I know what I like– but it’s always hear all of your opinions!

I’m not going to say planning a wedding is fairytale, but one thing I do love about the process is, it’s brought my family closer together. When I take a step back, I see two moms who have taken three days off of work to help me shop for the perfect dress and I feel so special and so thankful.

A wedding dress really can be sentimental! This dress is a reminder of how I’ve saved my heart, marriage, and even this dress for ONE person. This is the dress I’ll wear to celebrate the fact that SOMEHOW the stars aligned and, I was lucky enough to find MY person.

In the photos below make sure to admire every cut, embellishment, and detail of Martina Liana’s couture bridal collection. Notice the unique range of silhouettes—sexy fit-and-flares, sophisticated columns and updated ballgowns.  Leave a comment with your favorite gown below! Next, I will be shopping with Sorella Vita for the perfect bridesmaid gowns!

Xo, Dani

FRENCH INSPIRED LACE WEDDING GOWN – So I am not going to lie, there are times I feel like a girl and times I feel like a WOMAN. This dress made me feel like a WOMAN. I mean, y’all…I actually felt kind of sexy!! (Lol it even feels weird to say that word). The delicate lace and parallel paneling in the front, really elongate your figure. The back scoops low with buttons lace buttons that line the spine.


FAIRYTALE BEADED PRINCESS WEDDING GOWN – This was the one that made Jordan’s mama cry (along with like three others but this was really the tear jerker lol). I never really considered a fit and flare style this intense. Not only does the horsehair lining the “flare” portion add a dramatic statement on the skirt, but also, emphasizes your curves. I felt amazing (and kind of sassy) in this dress! You can add sparkle for a little added glam, but I prefer for the intricate lace to speak for itself!


ILLUSION LACE LONG SLEEVE WEDDING GOWNI felt extremely elegant and romantic in this long sleeve off the shoulder gown. This gown is so different–I’ve never seen anything like it. The lace details on the back are BREATH-TAKING and the sleeves are what really make it special!

ELEGANT VINTAGE WEDDING GOWN – Talk about Hollywood glam! Notice the beaded sweetheart neckline and sexy mesh on the sides? The back of this dress is so unique, never seen anything like it. Has more of a vintage feel with the buttons, don’t you think?

LACE HIGH NECK WEDDING GOWNIF there was ONE thing I knew about my wedding gown, it was that I did NOT want a high-neck. Funny how you think you know what you want until you try on a certain style. I instantly fell in love with the bold laced neckline of this fit and flare. So it really threw things off! I can see this fit and flare complementing a lot of silhouettes and body types. I felt really comfortable and confident. Not to mention, the lace racerback really highlights the back of this dress! SO gorgeous!


ART DECO INSPIRED WEDDING GOWNThis gown is a total piece of work. I mean check out the beaded details, there are over 4,200 beads used on this gown to create the floral designs and intricate linear patterns. I love how the beads were also used to create the look of  floating back straps. So unique! The color of this dress was really beautiful. I’ve always really wanted an ivory gown so this one was not totally on my radar until I found out that you can get it in multiple colors including ivory!

UNIQUE PRINCESS WEDDING GOWNPrincess style. This is what I always wanted! After trying on the other Martina Liana gowns, I started to question what I really want but my theory was that when in the world could I ever wear a BIG WHITE DRESS again in my life!? The semi-sheer bodice also adds an element of sexiness to the top of the dress, don’t you think?? With the layers of relaxed tulle – this gown is utterly feminine and gorgeous!

LACE COLUMN WEDDING DRESS WITH LATTICE DETAIL – Y’all! Over 18,000 beads create the lattice designs on this gown. This dress overall felt a little more of a polished fit and flare, and extremely romantic.  The open back closes with pearl buttons and floating straps.