Today I’ve rounded up some of my favorite dresses for wedding season. Scroll down to see some of my favorite pretty pieces that can be worn long after the after-party. 🙂

Out of my 20+ years of existence, I’d say my 13th and 24th year have been quite similar; minus the braces and headgear. The majority of my friends from elementary school are Jewish. I attended 17 Bar/Bat Mitvahs when I was 13 years old. The ceremonies are special and the parties are ridiculously extravagant! A time I could dress up, borrow mom’s makeup (without her knowing), stuff my bra, and wear heels to make me 2 inches taller than the boys (than I already was). 10 years later, I’ve started getting extravagant invites again, but instead of celebrating the religious coming of age, this time around, we have weddings. A wedding EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND! This means a new dress for every weekend, right…? 🙂

I am ALL about recycling dresses. In fact, I STILL wear my high school prom dress to some of my fancier occasions. (Yes, I did have to get it taken out a bit, hehe). This year is different because I’ve never had so many weddings so I’ve decided to invest in a couple more dresses! I decided I would try to take the stress out of dressing for that next wedding you have coming up too!



Dress (Size 2) // Heels // Earrings (Gold) // Clutch (Similar)

My Favorite Wedding Season Dresses

Wedding Season Accessories