dani austin pregnant pregnancy two under two

Surprise!! We’re pregnant!!

We are pregnant with our second baby you guys!!!! We are SO crazy excited – it’s been a challenge to keep this from y’all! In fact… turns out, I don’t think we really did LOL. I seriously didn’t mean to drop hints – but as ya know, I’m not very good at keeping secrets! I guess talking about my Fritos cravings and refusing to drink on camera maybeeee gave me away 😅

Jordan and I are about to enter two under two life, y’all. I am so excited for Stella to have a little sibling so close in age. And I have been wanting number two basically since Stella was born! Thank you guys for being so sweet and supportive – my DMs are flooded with so much love right now! And a whole lot of “I knew it”s 😜  Honestly I love it haha.

Stella has been in this world for just over a year now, and we’re about to start this crazy adventure all over again! I wouldn’t have it any other way. We’re gonna be dropping all the details of our journey over on Insta so make sure to check stories so you don’t miss a thing! We love all of Stella’s internet aunties!