dani austin white elephant gift guide

It’s that time of year again – the time of year where you’re running around your house like a crazy person, trying to find something random and hopefully funny that you can wrap up and bring to the annual White Elephant party. We’ve all been there 🤪 Instead of panicking last minute and accidentally giving away your husband’s ugliest sweater (you swearrr it was an accident 🤪) – with just a tiny bit of planning, you can be the life of the party 😉

1. Tortilla Blanket 

Wrap up like a burrito – literally. This is so funny and honestly I feel like Jordan would use this all the time…

2. Throw Throw Burrito

Speaking of burritos… we love a silly gift that’s actually fun, too! It’s basically like dodgeball/hot potato/plus a card game? I feel like somebody saw that scene from Pitch Perfect where Fat Amy is hit by “flying Mexican food” and had a great game idea 🤣

3. Face Mask

Taking “face mask” a little more literally 🤣 These are so goofy and fun and affordable!

4. Sipski Wine Holder

Make it that much easier to enjoy that glass of wine from the bathtub LOL.

5. Chill Pills

This is so clever and funny! These “chill pills” are just candy – so don’t worry 😉 I love the idea of someone opening these and being super confused at first! Plus, these are from Etsy, so a great, affordable way to support a small business!

6. Personalized Socks

Okay – the absolute funniest gift, hands down: a pair of socks with YOUR face on them, OR someone else at the party 🤣 The more ridiculous your White Elephant gift can be, the better! P.S. These are also Etsy!

7. Desk Vaccuum

This is a little crazy… but also might actually be kind of helpful lol?! It’s a tiny little vacuum cleaner for your desk to pick up eraser shavings, crumbs, etc. It’s only $10!

8. SauceMoto Dip Clip

If you wanna bring something that’s kinda boujee but also kinda awesome… these dip clips are actually amazing! We used these on our road trip to FL earlier this year, and they honestly came in so handy! Jordan used them while he was driving a ton so he could dip his Chic-Fil-A nuggets 🤣

9. Toilet Golf Putty

I cannot allow this to enter our house because I KNOW that Jordan will actually get hooked 🤣

10. Dash Popcorn Machine

I would LOVE to get this at a White Elephant! Air Poppers are the best and this one is so cute!

What silly gifts would you bring?! Is your family or small group or office doing White Elephant this year?! For more gift guides – click here!