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How to Keep Your White Sneakers Clean

Guys, is there anything as universally chic as a classic pair of white sneakers? I think not! Don’t you just love the way your white sneaks go with everything you own? I mean, c’mon…what other pair of shoes works equally well with a sundress as it does with leggings and a tee? White sneakers are my GO TO in the spring (and summer…and fall…and…), but I hate how easily they become dirty.

Thankfully, I’ve compiled my best tips and tricks for keeping your sneaks as white as snow all year round.

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First thing’s first, taking care of your shoes should start as soon as you purchase them, rather than waiting until they’re dirty. As soon as you take them out of the box, use a spray protector to block things like grease, dirt, and oil. Doing this will help create a barrier from the beginning. It’s important to make sure you use a cleaner that is appropriate for the material of your shoe—so look for products that are designed for leather versus canvas, etc.

Once you’ve done the initial protection, keep up with cleanings periodically. Cleaning them every two weeks or so will be a lot more effective in keeping them sparkly than waiting until you’ve just frolicked in a field of dust.

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But how to clean? That’s the key question.

  1. Using an appropriate cleaning product (there’s so many options, including foams, soaps, sprays, etc), gently brush the shoe, rather than scrubbing. Save the elbow grease, as too abrasive rubbing can actually cement stains into the fabric. Did you know that many shoes can actually be thrown in your washing machine? Yes! Let those dirty puppies tumble around your washer….but be careful of machine drying, as the high heat can cause damage.
  2. If you really want to nix tough stains, you can always use a little (and I mean little) bit of bleach. Just be sure to dilute it significantly and use in small quantities. Hello, pearly whites!

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Beyond your typical cleaning strategies, some of my other favorite tricks include things that you might have around your house.

  • Baking soda can do wonders as a cleaning product (for literally everything!). Or even toothpaste! You heard me…put a dab onto a stain and work at it with a toothbrush. The small brush lets you get into small corners and creases.
  • Magic Erasers can also be used to touch up marks, as well as vinegar and water combinations for a natural cleaning potion.
  • But…wait for it…want to hear the sneakiest trick of all? White nail polish. Yes! Who would ever know that there’s a little streak of white nail polish covering up a mark on your white leather sneaks?
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You see? With just a little upkeep, you can keep your white sneakers looking so fresh and so clean all season. So get to steppin’ ladies! Time to usher in spring with style.


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