I get botox?! Yep! Buuuut it’s probably not what you’re thinking! Lemme start at the beginning.

So if you’ve been following me for long enough, you probably remember a pretty sizable bump on my jaw. I honestly hadn’t even noticed it until a viewer pointed it out! I usually brush that stuff off, but honestly she wasn’t mean, and I wasn’t offended! She just asked what it was and all of a sudden I was like wait – what the heck IS that?! Once I saw it, I couldn’t UNsee it. So I started to research.

dani austin jaw botox before

I visited the doctor who recommended an MRI – they thought it might be a tumor! It kept growing faster and faster, but everything came back clear and the doc’s recommendation was that I should… get botox? Like what?? I had just thought it might be a tumor and now I’m gonna get Botox injections? It was such a foreign concept to me, but also such a relief.

I started researching and found Enlighten Dallas – they are the BEST. The first time I went in for injections, they did a ton of units, and after just a couple of weeks I saw a huge difference. Since it was the first time, but because it had gotten SO big, I had to go back in again for a few more. After that, I started seeing my actual face again! 

dani austin jaw botox little kid young

People have asked me a bunch of questions about this, and I totally understand why. It isn’t something you come across everyday, and if you’re in the same boat as me, I hope sharing my story will help you with yours! Here are a few FAQs:

How often do you have to get injections?

After the first two rounds, I only have to go in once a year! Of course, it differs for everyone, but honestly I thought I would have to get them done so much more often, so I’m really thankful.

Does it hurt?

Not. At. All. I can’t promise that it’s the same for everyone, but it doesn’t hurt me at all. It looks way scarier than it is! 

Is this common?

Yes and no. My particular growth situation isn’t as common (I assume since multiple specialists had no idea what was happening!), but people do get botox in their jaw for lots of reasons. If you clench your jaw a lot at night or getting migraines from using that muscle too much, botox helps to relieve the muscle and teach it how to work in a more balanced way. This is true for anyone has TMJ issues too!

How much of a difference did it REALLY make?

dani austin jaw botox before and after

Uhhhh SEE FOR YOURSELF! This stuff is legit!

dani austin jaw botox after wet hair ponytail

And there it is, all gone! Who knew the solution to my problem would be botox?! What’s an unexpected thing botox has helped YOU with?! If you have any more questions, drop’em below!