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For my second blog post of Black History Month, I wanted to bring attention to something so relevant to all of our lives – who we are letting influence us. Obviously, as a blogger myself, I consume a lot of content! But in 2021 – we’re all on social media all the time. If I’m being honest, filling my feed with racially diverse voices wasn’t something I had consciously thought about before last year. It’s so important to make sure we are learning from black educators and celebrating black creators! We can’t just follow a stream of white accounts and say we’re actively striving for racial justice. It’s holistic, and looking at who we are allowing to influence is a part of it for sure. So without further adieu, here are some of my personal favorite black influencers to follow, just as a start!

1. Oh Happy Dani

Dani Austin Black Influencers to Follow

Before you say it – no, it’s NOT just because we have the same name 😉 Dani is seriously one of the coolest girls on Instagram. Dani is such a talented artist, optimist, and educator. She uses her God-given gifts to share tools for engaging with the marginalized or oppressed. She’s a total girl boss and I just love her.

2. Emmanuel Acho

Dani Austin Black Influencers to Follow

If y’all haven’t seen the series “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man”, it’s gold. Emmanuel is stepping into the hard spaces that change requires. He’s even had guests like the Gaines’ family! What he’s doing is incredibly generous. If you’re looking for somewhere to start with addressing a lot of questions that you might feel too awkward to ask, his episodes (and new book!!) are perfect.

3. OnlyGirl4Boyz

Dani Austin Black Influencers to Follow

Jehava is a lifestyle blogger and she shares snippets of her precious fam! I love her style and her stories (she shares some of the most encouraging things on her stories, y’all), but her sweet family posts are my favorite.

4. Chelsea Olivia

Dani Austin Black Influencers to Follow

If you’re looking for another budget-friendly blogger like moi, Chelsea is your girl! Chelsea is one of my BFFs in real life! She is one of the best people I know. She loves Jesus and has the best taste. I can’t wait til I see you again, friend!

5. Alayza Casey

dani Austin black influencers to follow

Alayza is local to Dallas and she’s a professional makeup artist! I am obsessed with her work! If you need some subtle glam makeup inso, she’s your girl.

6. Dallas Black Bloggers

dani Austin black influencers to follow

Not exactly just one influencer – but an account dedicated to supporting local black bloggers in Dallas! I love this so much. Supporting each other is so important, especially in this industry. I love following so that I can be among the first to find the amazing new influencers.

7. Hey Ciara

dani Austin black influencers to follow

OMG. Y’all. Ciara is one of my absolute favorite travel bloggers. Her content is STUNNING and so is she! I also love her captions. She’s so real and has made me look at how travel can teach you and affect you differently than I had before!

8. Jeena Wilder

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Jeena is the cutest mama blogger! She’s also passionate about transracial adoption. I love learning more about motherhood from her and her beautiful family (4 kiddos with a 5th on the way right now!!!).

9. Married Lane

dani austin quarantine Starbucks cups support Lauren Mackenzie decals

I love Ari’s style and her HEART ❤️ Her body positivity reminders and her honestly about finding confidence in her body is so vulnerable and empowering! Every body is beautiful but it’s a JOURNEY, some days are easier than others, and seeing someone else share those everyday struggles helps me to feel less alone.

10. Influencing in Color

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This account is so freaking cool you guys! I have never seen an account like this. FOUR girls – Nikki, Meghan, Shay, Brandy – all empowering women “of ALL colors and a commitment to inclusion and diversity.” Their style is so cute, but their girl power is what really pumps me up!

This is just a list to getcha started! Who else should I be following?? Share in the comments so we can support more of the amazing black influencers out there ❤️ If you’re looking for black businesses to support in Dallas, I have a list here!