Grit By Design Dani Austin Black Owned Businesses

Photo belongs to Grit Fitness

In honor of Black History Month and all of the learning we’ve done and are still doing, I wanted to put together a list of black owned businesses to support right here in Dallas! There are so many amazing restaurants, shops, and creative businesses in our own backyard. I haven’t been to all of them yet but I picked the ones I either already love or want to try next. I found a lot of these via Your Guide to Black-Owned Businesses in Dallas!

Black Owned Restaurants

Hannah’s Gluten-Free Bakery

Brunchaholics (sounds like my kinda place!)

Le Rouge Cuisine

City Cafe and Bakery

Pangea Restaurant

Records Barbecue

Off the Bone Barbeque

Dough Boy Donuts

Odom’s Bar-B-Que

The Tipsy Cupcake (spiked cupcakes? yes please)

Rush Patisserie

Roots Chicken Shack (y’all – this looks UNREAL)


Monica O Beauty

Black Pearls Beauty

Luxxy Brown and Skin Studio

Olphactory Candles

Grit Fitness

The Iman Project

Taylor & Tess


The Amber Studio

Alex Hudson

Phoenix Michele

It’s so important that we support black businesses – especially locally! Wherever you are, I’d seriously encourage you to do some research and make a list of your own. There are even apps to help find black owned businesses in your area! You can try I Am Black Business or Official Black Wall Street, or you can just do a quick Google search to see what you can find. This is honestly just a starting point! I also have a list of female black owned businesses here! Let me know in the comments what I’m missing!

Next up, I want to make a list of black influencers y’all need to be following! I have some girls I’m super excited to share with y’all, but I know there will be so many I’m not following yet, so let me know in the comments who I need to follow!