Going to the gym used to be my worst nightmare. Seriously, I’d sit there and just think about everything that could go wrong. What if I trip on the treadmill and go flying?! What if someone sees what I’m doing and corrects me?! What if my leggings aren’t tight enough and start to fall down while I’m doing squats?!?!? Lol!! This year, I was tired of letting excuses pile up. I haven’t really had a serious workout routine in place since I was prepping for my wedding. Sometimes I’d rather work out at home, which is totally fine! But FEAR ain’t gonna be the reason I don’t get my laps in anymore. Here’s how I conquered my gym anxiety!

1. Work what your mama gave ya!


And don’t worry about anybody else. I know it’s easier said than done, but I just have to remember that no one came there to see me. Everyone is on their own mission, and honestly, everybody is just as self conscious as you are. It’s like pool or beach anxiety- everybody’s so nervous about themselves that they aren’t even paying attention to you! Get in there and be PROUD of the body you have.

2. Have a workout regime you trust.


If I go in without a plan, I start to panic. There are so many machines and options and classes and AHHH! You gotta go in with a set routine you want to stick to. Even if it’s as simple as running for 30 minutes and lifting weights for 15, having a general idea beforehand will take away the overchoice anxiety.

3. Learn the machines.


It’s totally okay to ask for help! That’s what the employees are there for! It actually looks way MORE confident to ask questions and get answers than to stand there for 15 minutes trying to figure it out while someone else is waiting in line for the same machine… speaking from personal experience, oops!

4. Getchoself a cute outfit!


When you look good, you feel good. It’s scientifically proven! Treat yourself to some new workout gear, but just one outfit. Then, start giving yourself health goals and prizes for when you accomplish them! Did you stick to your schedule all month? That means a new pair of Fabletics leggings! You get the picture… y’all know I am always motivated by new clothes!

5. Make or bring a friend.


You know that one girl who is always on the elliptical and goes so hard and is so cool and intimidating? Say hi and ask her more about her routine! I know it might sound weird, but who says you can’t make new friends at the gym?! It’s even better when you realize that the girl you thought was too cool for you is actually super nice too, and all of a sudden… you’re besties. It won’t work out with everyone, and context is everything (don’t be that creepy person lol!!), but everyone likes to hear that they are inspiring. So tell her and make a new workout bud! If you’re like “I’m wayyy too introverted and that’s a hard no from me”, bring an existing friend to be a workout buddy. Y’all can hold each other accountable AND make the gym less scary.

Are you hitting the gym in 2020? What helps you to reduce your anxiety??