What up what up party people?!?! Can you believe that January is almost over?! I feel like people either think it went by way too quickly or has felt like 5 months! I personally feel like it’s just flown by. Once February hits and Valentine’s Day decor is in full swing, all of those New Year’s intentions can get forgotten pretty quickly…but not this year! Let’s make a game plan, ladies. Here’s how I’m making sure I keep my 2020 energy!

Surround yourself with good people.

Environment is everything! When I surround myself with the people who will keep me accountable, I’m way more likely to stick to my guns. Buddy systems are so underrated these days! Plus, I am learning that when I don’t take the time to be with my friends and family, not only do I lose everything I could be learning from them, but I’m also just straight up not being a good friend or family member! And that’s definitely NOT my 2020 goal. Don’t get so invested in your goals that you forget the PEOPLE who really matter.

Make a killer playlist.

Whether your goal is to get your booty back to the gym, read a book every month, take more risks or something else, listening to some motivational music always helps! Make a playlist that’s specifically to encourage you and remind you of the end goals and how accomplishing them will make you feel.

Do something crazy.


You know that dream that you’ve had for a while? Take the first step! Make like Nike and just DO it! You don’t have to restrict goals for New Year’s! You can set new goals ANY time, so get yourself excited by committing to something, whether it’s moving closer to your original goal, or even adding a new one to get you excited!

Get off your phone tonight.


Instead of scrolling, set aside at least one phone-free evening every week to focus on one of your goals or to reward yourself if you’ve been being diligent! 

Stay in the Word.

This is honestly the best tip I can offer – stay close to the Lord and get stuck into the Word. I get so frustrated sometimes, feeling like I can’t hear God speaking to me, but the whole time I’m totally ignoring the huge resource that He’s already given us through the Bible. Can you imagine if you wrote someone a book, literally full of VITAL information and love letters, and they just let it collect dust? Then they call you up like “hey you never talk to me”?! Spending some intentional time with the Lord really helps me to remember why I set goals in the first place, and what the bigger purpose of my life is.

How are you keeping your 2020 energy strong?? Share them below so I can be rooting for you!