dani austin divi hair growth hacks

If you’ve been following along on my hair journey for a while now, you know that one of my main sources of joy has been being able to share with you guys what has worked for me and what hasn’t! So many of us experience hair loss – why go through it alone?! I seriously hope that you feel at least a little bit less alone after visiting my blog, and if you’re looking for some ideas to get that hair growth going, girl I GOTCHU. Here are my top 9 hair growth hacks!

1. Heatless styling.

heatless styling dani austin

This might feel obvious, but my hair was so heat damaged that I have vowed to not use ANY heat on it for at LEAST a year. Since I wear wigs, it’s not a huge deal for me, but if you’re opting away from wigs, there are some really cute and simple styles I do sometimes, like a sleek pony or lil baby bun!

2. Divi.

divi scalp serum dani austin

AHH! Divi is my very own scalp serum. I designed this to give you a healthy scalp, because hair growth doesn’t happen without taking care of the foundation! I worked so hard on this y’all, and seeing you all using it, loving it, and seeing results literally makes me tear up!

3. Gettin’ my 8 hours in.

sleep schedule

Stress is a HUGE part of what contributed to my hair loss. Just maintaining a healthier sleep schedule has been so important – and not just for my hair, but for my overall happiness and healthiness too!

4. Hair Ties that Don’t Break or Pull

I never realized that harmlessly pulling my hair into a top knot was putting unnecessary stress on my hair, and even damaging it. When I recently went to the hair salon, my hairdresser even reminded me to avoid putting my hair in tight buns or ponytails as it can cause breakage.

I found these hair ties that really do it all to prevent serious breakage and pulling:

  • Seamless – don’t break like standard elastics
  • Withstand 70lbs of pressure vs 8lbs standard hair elastics
  • Gentle – less headaches and dents/damage
  • Firm Hold – hold hair up even in high pony all day – better than average for workouts
  • Long-lasting – wash like new, rebound to original shape
  • Trend-right color
  • Come in 4 versions, perfect for all hair types!

You can use code DANI40OFF 40% off!

gimme beauty round2-2

5. Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush

Once I started looking more into ways to help nourish my scalp, I realized that exfoliating it  was a must! I typically use this Hair Scalp Massager Brush in the shower with my shampoo to cleanse my hair. The silicone bristles on the brush are said to help with stimulating blood flow to the scalp while also relaxing your scalp muscles and reducing stress as well, so it’s a win win!

6. Cut caffeine.

I am already a natural morning person and sometimes struggle with anxiety, so caffeine doesn’t really do me any favors. I cut it altogether, but my body was like “NOPE” to that lol. SO I decided to try Delta-E packets and I love them! They taste so good, have tons of vitamins, and have like half the caffeine as a cup of coffee, so they helped my body adjust.

I am still learning, and everyone’s hair journey is different, but I hope that least one or two of these tips are helpful! If you’re experiencing hair loss, what hacks have helped you?