dani austin amazon kitchen bestsellers may 2020

Y’all know Amazon is my ADDICTION – free two-day shipping?! Sign me up. I’ve been gettin crafty in the kitchen lately with “Kinda Cooking with Dani” 🤣 and I have found some of the BEST stuff. Not super into cooking? I have found some gadgets to make your life 10x easier. A culinary genius? Speed up your process and skip a step with some of these products! Ready to jump into some seriously fun online shopping with me? 😏 Roll up your sleeves, put on your chef’s hat and let’s scroll 👩‍🍳

1. Amazon Pop Makers

dani austin amazon kitchen bestsellers ice pops

We made the most amazing invention the other night: wine pops. Grab a bottle of your fave wine, chop up some fruit, and make little wine popsicles! They turned out so good and were crazy easy to make.

2. Snap N Strain Strainer

dani austin amazon bestsellers snap n strain strainer

I want to KISS whoever made this thing (sorry Jordan love you 😘). Never spill your pasta down the drain again! Literally just clip this onto your pot and strain away. No more noodles lost RIP 😵

3. White Coffee Maker

dani austin amazon bestsellers white coffee maker cusinart

I would love to have an all-black kitchen someday but I want all of my accents to be white to counterbalance it! Even with our white kitchen, everything on the counters just blends in and looks less cluttered! This coffee pot is Jordan’s fave – we’re kind of old school when it comes to coffee!

4. Pink Milk Frother

dani austin amazon kitchen bestsellers  milk frother

We may keep it old school with the machine itself, but we like to jazz up our mornings with some foammm! This milk frother is really easy to use and is super cute – it comes in so many colors! This would also be a fun and affordable Mother’s Day Gift.

5. White Cusinart Knife Set

dani austin amazon bestsellers knives

HOW PRETTY ARE THESE KNIVES?! Lol sounded a little creepier than I meant it to… but seriously, I am obsessed with how these look on our counter. And sure, I guess they’re cool for cutting stuff too… 😉 They actually really are great quality though and my mom confirmed that they’re a great price! #momconfirmed? #addtocart 🤣 

6. Oxo Good Grips Bowl

dani austin amazon bestsellers oxo good grips batter bowl

What ya can’t see here is that this bowl has measurement lines inside, so it’s even easier to use! I love this for making pancakes or waffles because the grips don’t let me slip when I’m pouring the batter!

7. Select-a-Spice Carousel

dani austin amazon bestsellers spice carousel

I just got this and am mid-setup! I’m planning on popping this into the cupboard so all of my spices are stored neatly. It’s really helpful to see what we have on hand without digging through the cabinet and making a mess.

8. Mini Waffle Maker

dani austin amazon bestsellers  mini waffle maker

Y’all love this as much as I do! Every single day I see more cinnamon roll waffles on your stories and it’s amazing that I haven’t eaten one every single day because y’all are tempting me! So affordable and so cute!

9. Rapid Egg Cooker

dani austin amazon kitchen bestsellers rapid egg cooker

This contraption is so dang handy! You can boil eggs, make a scramble, cook an omelet – the possibilities are endless! It’s pretty fast, too and you don’t have to worry about burning the eggs (which Jordan does every. single. morning. LOL 🤣 ).

10. Knife Sharpener

dani austin amazon bestsellers knife sharpener

We just keep this on the counter tucked away for when we need to give the knives a pick-me-up! It’s only like $6 and a great practical product to have on hand.

11. Crunch Cup

dani austin amazon kitchen bestsellers crunch cup

Y’all sold this out the first time LOL! Your fave portable cereal container is BACK ladies – and now it comes in pink 😏 Jordan is obsessed with this! It keeps your cereal from getting soggy! I also love it in the yellow – so cute and would be a perfect gift idea.

12. Silicone Utensil Set

dani austin amazon kitchen bestsellers utensil set

I love this color!! I have such a weird collection of utensils from over the years and was looking for a cute and affordable set to just make everything cohesive. This even comes with these hooks so you can hang them up if your kitchen has a peg board or rack, or a super cute matching container if you prefer them counterside.

13. Meat Chopper

dani austin amazon bestsellers meat chopper

I know it sounds weird – but this is one of my fave items on this list! We cook a lot of ground beef around here, and this chops it all up so easily while it cooks! I didn’t know what I was missing til I tried this but now it’s an essential in the Jordani kitchen 👫

14. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

dani austin amazon bestsellers breakfast sandwich maker

This bad boy did not come to make friends, he came to WINNN! Jordan and I love this! We’ve been making yummy breakfast sandwiches for weeks. It even cooks the egg like a McMuffin would lol! Such a perfect circle 😍 Amazon even has a double-option if you’ve got a big family in a hurry!

As long as I’m stuck inside, my eyes are glued to Amazon’s homepage, so I will keep sharing more products as I find them! Have y’all found any miracle products? Amazing recipes? Let me know!