dani austin amazon kitchen favorites how to make popcorn

The Amazon Queen is back and better than eva 👑 Since moving into the new house, I have found some AWESOME Amazon kitchen goodies that I wanted to share with y’all! If you’re in the shopping mood, here’s a whole OTHER list I already made!

1. Popcorn popper

I wrote a whole post about this purchase earlier this week and it’s honestly my FAVE new thing. I wanted a popper that I could use in the microwave but still get super fresh popcorn from (not that fake butter stuff). This is perfect! I literally just put the popcorn and oil in (you can use any kind!) and let it do its thing for a few minutes. The lid rises as the popcorn pops, so you’ll see when it’s done and take it out before it burns! Plus, it’s collapsible, which makes it super easy to store.

2. Cherry measuring spoons (and egg separator)

How freaking cute are these?! I honestly kind of just want to hang them on my wall or something because they’re so cute. If we had a pegboard type of storage situation, these would be front and center.

3. Electric griddle

This might LOOK like the waffle maker at first, but hold up – it’s a griddle! You can use this to make pancakes, fry eggs, cook hash browns – whatever you want! It’s 8″ so it’s the perfect size for couples or for small families.

4. White cooking utensils

This set is SO CUTE and so affordable! 21 PIECES for $29 and free shipping! Plus, they’re super cute. I love my kitchen accessories to match, and I was missing a few really handy pieces so I ordered this set and it came in last week. They feel like really good quality, and the wooden handles make it look so fancy. It even came with a little tin to hold everything and little rubber oven mits.

5. Roll-up dish rack

This might be my favorite Amazon kitchen purchase in a LONG time (we’re talking since THE waffle maker, people). It ain’t sexy, but it’s necessary! I reallyyy hate doing the dishes, and hand-washing is my least fave. This drying rack has 5 stars on Amazon, and you just roll it out over your sink and place your hand-washed dishes on top to try. Once they’re done, you roll it up again and put it away! I didn’t want a clunky drying rack that always had to be out, so this was the perfect solution. PLUS, it doubles as a heat mat! AND you can stick it in the dishwasher when it needs a lil TLC.

6. Snap n Strain

I’ve showed y’all this one but have to bring it up again – it’s so helpful! You clip this strainer onto the edge of your pot and drain over the sink. It takes one step out of the pasta process and I love it!

7. Meat masher

We have gotten SO much use out of this – I feel like it should be a staple utensil in every household. It’s called a meat masher, but we use it with potatoes and bananas (when making banana bread) too! Super versatile and honestly fun lol.

8. Pizza Cutter

Last but not least, this pizza cutter is a major upgrade from the circle cutters I’ve used in the past. It’s more faster, more effective, and *way* easier to clean. Plus, it makes you feel like a real pizza chef 👩‍🍳

I am always looking for more fun Amazon kitchen products to share with you guys. Any suggestions?!