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SOS. It’s 2020. I’ve been locked inside a house with my husband and two dogs for over a month. And I am starting to LOSE IT 🤪 Lol, I’m MOSTLY kidding… We all get along pretty well, but spending THIS much time in such close quarters inevitably leads to some tension. I know we can’t be the only ones! 🤣 Quarantine couples, roomies, families and friends – I’m looking at y’all 👀

It can be really hard to prefer one another right now, and I know it can feel impossible, BUT – what if the Lord wants to use this time to actually mold our hearts to be more like His?! What if by the end of quarantine, we love our people better than we did at the start? I’m trying to look at it from that angle, and wanted to share what I’ve been learning with y’all! Here are a few ways I’ve been learning to love my quarantine pal(s) well (and here’s another about how we can love EVERYBODY right now!)

Space Out

Nobody’s saying you have to literally be looking at each other the WHOLE. TIME. If you have separate bedrooms, or maybe a separate office and a living room, take advantage of it! Spread out and even have designated times apart. Maybe you decide that during work hours, you aren’t gonna hang out, or maybe you just need an hour each morning to have some quiet time to yourself. Make your needs known to your quarantine buddy and respect each other the BEST you can.

Taco Bout It

dani austin marc fisher spring sandals neon lace up sandals white romper outfit how to love your roomie during quarantine

Even when you’re trying really hard, you can (and probably will) still get on each other’s nerves. The only real solution is communication – and my preferred method of communication happens over a meal – specifically, #takeouttacos 😎🌮 (here’s a list of local Dallas restaurants you can support right now!) Getting annoyed that they never leave you alone? #TacoBoutIt. Feeling like they NEVER wanna hang out? #TacoBoutIt. Starting to feel awkward or just plain weird around each other? #TacoBoutIt! Seriously – it doesn’t have to be over tacos (I guesssss…😉), but if you wanna make it through in once piece, you’ve gotta have the awk conversations that can really help to clear the air. It’s challenging – but it’s worth it. Try to remember that everyone’s a little more sensitive right now, so take and give criticism gracefully.

Do Something Nice for Them

Maybe it’s just doing the dishes, or staying on top of your regular chores. It’s easy to let all routine go right now, but y’all – SOMEbody’s gotta keep cleaning the bathroom lol! Besides practical stuff, it would also be so great to go the extra mile – maybe you plan out a nice or fun dinner, or you set aside some intentional time to encourage them and tell them what you love about them. Honestly, this is a fragile and scary time for all of us – imagine how GOOD it would feel to have someone sit you down and just tell you that they love you, they’re here for you, and they think you’re freakin GREAT!

dani austin marc fisher spring sandals neon lace up sandals white romper outfit how to love your roomie during quarantine

Ask for Help

This one is imPORtant y’all. I know that I set so many goals for myself, and practical stuff, I can knock off that list like a ninja 🥋 But when it comes to HEART stuff – the Lord has to do that change IN me. I can be willing, but ultimately, I can’t change my heart myself. So spending time with the Lord and asking for His help is really essential to loving people well. I know I’ll burn out if I try to be perfect – but with the Lord’s help I hope I can love Jordan at least a lil bit better every day. 

This stuff is NOT easy – I’ve been thinking about these things, but I am DEF NOT a master at any of them! So I would really love to hear what Y’ALL think. How are you intentionally loving your quarantine peep(s) right now?? I’m excited to read your comments so please share!!