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I have moved a LOT in my life. It’s mostly been in Dallas, but between a dorm room, apartments, houses with roommates, and now houses with a husband, I feel like I’ve gotten pretty dang good at moving quickly and efficiently. I’ve moved both with a moving company and without, so here are some of my tips for how to move like a pro 💪🏻


For most of my moves, I’ve done them friends and family rather than a moving company. I feel like unless you have a super busy schedule or can’t physically be put under a lot of pressure (helloooo pregnancy!), it’s totally doable to do most moves with some friends and fam. Stock up on boxes, rent a U-Haul, and get to it!

1. Collect boxes for the move.

If you have a few months of heads up that you’ll be moving, try to start collecting boxes from places like Costco or Sam’s Club. A lot of them won’t have lids, but try to grab ones that do! You can also usually find tons on Craigslist for cheap since people use’m once and then want to get rid of them! You’d be surprised how much boxes can add up, and it’s annoying since they’re literally just cardboard! If you move a lot, investing in plastic boxes can be worthwhile, but if you don’t have a ton of storage, just go with recyclable ones.

2. Pack over time.

Instead of just taking a day off work to get everything done at once, try to pack gradually. It’s way less stressful and usually helps me to pack more methodically. Remember – you’re gonna be UNpacking this stuff days after you pack it, so try to pack so that the stuff you need right away is easy to find and take out.

3. Cover your hanging items.

Trash bags + hangers = 😍 Just take a stack of clothes on hangers, cut a hole in the bottom of a trash bag, flip it over, and pull the trash bag over the clothes, dry-cleaner style. Then you can just stack them all into a big pile. It makes it so easy to hang everything back up and keeps your clothes clean and protected.

4. Do a clean out.

Since you’re already going through everything, take this time to clean out your life a bit. Marie Kondo your items and if they ain’t sparking joy anymore (or if you haven’t worn it in over a year…) let it go. Moving is a chance to start over, so fully embrace it by being honest with yourself and getting rid of the things that are weighing you down.

5. Try to evenly distribute the weight.

Instead of packing all of your books into one big box, sprinkle them throughout 6 or so, and fill the rest with lighter objects. You’ll thank yourself when you’re moving them all into your house and don’t pull your back out! (Reminder: biggest and most important moving tip: LIFT FROM THE KNEES lol!)

6. Take care of your people and stay hydrated!

Have a ton of waters on hand for the day for you and anyone helping you! If you can, get pizzas or something as a thank you to everyone who helps. Moving is not a fun way to spend your weekend, so if people have sacrificed theirs to help you, show them your gratitude 🙏


dani-austin-new-home-pregnant-moving-couple-pictures-husband how to be a good neighbordani-austin-new-home-pregnant-moving-couple-pictures-husband how to be a good neighbor


1. Read the reviews!

Our moving company was AMAZING! They were so good at their jobs. They were fast, kind, and so courteous. Only one tiny thing broke during the move and it wasn’t even their fault, and they offered to replace it. Jordan and I were honestly blown away. We had read so many good reviews and the IRL experience was even better, so make sure to read up and invest in a company that will take good care of your things.

2. Color code the boxes.

Maybe you have sloppy handwriting, or maybe a mover doesn’t understand what your random note on a box says. Regardless, it’s much more simple to just color code your boxes. Buying colored tape is the easiest way I’ve found! Color code by room, and then give the movers your key code so that they know exactly where everything is going.

3. Move super special and fragile items in your car.

No matter how amazing the moving company, things happen. Honestly, you could even knock something over yourself in the hustle and bustle of a move! I suggest that before anyone gets there, put your most precious items into your car to keep them out of harm’s way. That way, they’ll probably stay safe, and if they don’t, it’s no one else’s fault. It’s no fun for anyone to feel upset or guilty! And remember – and this is coming from me, a super sentimental person – stuff truly is just stuff. If something special breaks or gets lost, remember that no item is forever, and the memories you had with it are still valuable.

What are your top tips for moving?! Leave them below!