dani Austin we moved new house moving

SURPRISE! We moved! What?!

If you’ve been following along on stories, you know that Jordan and I have been debating over the city and the suburbs for a WHILE. I wanted more space, but Jordan wanted to stay in the city. When baby Ramirez got thrown into the mix, we BOTH wanted fewer stairs and a backyard! Soooo…. we MOVED!

It wasn’t exactly seamless…

We’ve had our eye on this place since March, but closing on it was the biggest pain. I’ll spare you all of the details, but basically: everything that could have gone wrong, DID. But y’all: it happened. We closed on the house! Yesterday, we packed everything up, loaded a U-Haul, and moved into our new home! We are so excited! And as y’all know, packing up our whole house in one day is a classic Jordani move 🤣  We are nothing if not efficient!… and spontaneous hehe.

dani Austin we moved new house


The new house has most of the rooms on the ground floor, which is perfect. The makeshift nursery will be super close to the closet, kitchen, and laundry room, and our master is close too! It’s perfect for all the practicalities of having a baby… we think?! We aren’t exactly pros in the area yet 👨‍👩‍👧 But this move feels like the right start.

We are so excited to start a new chapter in our new home. I’m really gonna miss our old place – but the good news is, it’s only like 10 mins away from our new place, so we’re still super close to all of our friends AND the city, all while having room to grow.

I can’t wait to start decorating this bad boy… do y’all wanna see a home tour when it’s finished? Or even the progress along the way?