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People like to “go free” a lot – go gluten-free, go sugar-free, GMO-free – well in the Jordani house, we’re trying to go MOSQUITO-free! LOL! Jordan and I have never had a backyard before, but our new house has a great outdoor space, and let me just tell y’all: these mosquitos did not come to PLAY. They are everywhere and we keep getting eaten alive. They even get inside the house sometimes 😭 I’ve been doing some research on how to keep our bug friends at bay 🙅 Here’s what’s working for us!

1. Block them out

Screens are the most effective way to keep mosquitos out. Make sure all of your windows that you open have screens installed. The more fine the screen, the fewer mosquitos can get through! Screening in the porch is the best way to enjoy time outside but we aren’t sure we wanna commit to that yet. It is super effective though.

2. Blow them away

I’ve read that using a fan keeps the bugs off 45-65% more than repellant! Here’s the article if you wanna check it out. It makes a lot of sense – after all, don’t you usually get the most bites when you’re in a super humid, stagnant area? Don’t let them get atcha, get a powerful fan or two and blow them away!

3. Suit up!

There are lots of good repellants out there. Lemon eucalyptus oil is actually really good in your repellant, so if you see that advertised on the bottle, snatch it! Target has some for under $10 and it’s so worth not itching all day.

4. Turn up the HEAT

Mosquitos like to chill just like the rest of us, so they’re pretty drawn to the cooler, shadier spots in your yard: AKA, where you’re probably sitting! If you keep your yard mowed, and the trees trimmed etc, they might say sayonara and move on to a yard with longer grass and tons of tree shade.

5. Try a diffuser or incense

These Murphy’s Natural Incense Sticks are pretty awesome! We’ve been using these and loving how they smell! It’s not as overpowering as some other options. I also love this Thermacell Patio Shield. I like it because it doesn’t spray stuff everywhere. Instead, it has a mat inside of it that’s soaked with repellant, and when you turn it on, it heats up the mat and the repellant diffuses naturally to create a protection barrier! 

6. Don’t let water settle

This just makes so much sense because everybody knows that if you spend a day at the lake, you’re coming back with mosquito bites, right?! Mosquitos lay eggs in water (ewww). So if you have puddles in your yard, or you leave a glass of water out there for a while etc, you’re asking for trouble 😬 It might be worth hiring a pro to come see if you have any problem areas, like a gutter that isn’t draining correctly etc.

7. Mosquito repellant – but make it decor

We got these Thermacell lanterns for our back patio! They look so nice and blend in with our current decor, PLUS they keep the bugs away?! It’s love. 

How do you keep the skeeters away?! Please leave me your tips!!!