Halloween is lookin a litttttle different this year! Miss Stella is due on All Hallows Eve and we are in full baby-prepping mode over here. Our big plans involve packing a bag and knowing the fastest route to the hospital 🤪 But dressing up is still just so fun, even if you’re planning on staying in this year! Since our girl could come a few days before or a few days after, we are planning some cute costume ideas for both scenarios!

If Stella comes early, we can all dress up as a fam 👪 and if she comes late, Jordan and I can milk the baby angle for a couples costume (and you knowww we will)! Since it’s all gonna be kind of short notice, I wanted to keep the costume ideas strictly Amazon so that they can get here fast! Here’s what I’m thinking…

Stella Arrives Fashionably Late

If Stella girl takes after her mama, she’ll be a lil late 🤪 In that case, here are some fun costume ideas we could rock while waiting for her.


dani austin fall home decor 2020 halloween-43

Adult Hot Dog Costume // For Dogs // Baby Mini Hot Dog Costume

Bun in the Oven


How cute is this costume’s take on such a classic pregnancy idiom LOL! Love that the whole family can be involved 🤣

Maternity Costume – but Make it Disney


I can’t get over how cute and clever this is 🤣 Why not take advantage of that baby bump to turn into Mike Wazowski himself?! Jordan could dress as Sully, it would be so cute (and the perfect way to introduce our girl to Disney)!

Spooky Baby!


If a little creepier is more your Halloween style, here’s a pregnancy spin on a classic costume! This one is a probably a little too spooky for me 😅 but I love the idea!

We’re Preggo, People


How cute is this?! It’s definitely one of my favorite ideas so far. I feel like this costume takes advantage of the bump in more ways than one! I also want to steal that chef’s hat for Kinda Cooking with Dani afterwards…

Mama is a Busy Bee!


This costume is perfect if you don’t want to highlight the bump! It looks roomy and cozy and cute! If you wanted to turn it into a couples costume, your partner could be honey, or a beehive!

Stella Joins the Party Early!

If Stella decides to get here in time for the 31st, she can join mom and dad for some of the cutest costumes ever. If I have the opportunity to dress Stella up in a super cute costume, I’m not missing it!

Starbucks Family


I saw this idea on Pinterest and could not handle the adorableness! All of the pieces you need are on Amazon, too, which makes it so easy.

Mermaids and Poseidon


I love the Starbucks idea, but when I saw this precious newborn mermaid blanket my heart exploded. I’d love for the fam to have a little under the sea moment!

A Whole New World


Okay so now that I’m on the Disney kick… I loveee this idea. I get to dress up like a princess, my hubby is my handsome prince, and my baby is a lil monkey with a hat?! Ideal.

If you’re looking for some more inspo, here are a few costumes Jordan and I have rocked in the last couple of years!


dani Austin halloween costume pregnancy maternity 80s workout

dani Austin halloween costume pregnancy maternity spooky

dani austin halloween costume ideas amazon ariel red wig


dani Austin halloween costume pregnancy maternity progressive flo


Do you guys have any Halloween costume ideas for us?? I would love to hear them!! Let me know below and let me know what you’re dressing up for this year!