Dani Austin Pregnant Workout Amazon

Wait wait wait… so you’re telling me that not only do I have to *grow a tiny human* in my belly – I still gotta workout, too?!? 🤪 Y’all working out while pregnant is HARD! But seeing all these pregnant mamas get it on Insta has been keeping me inspired! I try to do my pregnant workout every morning for an hour, doing more intense workouts MWF and going for 2 mile walks TTH. It’s honestly a struggle to get my booty into gear in the mornings, but I know that it’s so worth it! I filmed my little preggo workout routine and posted an IGTV to hopefully inspire y’all to keep grinding!


Here’s everything I’m using in my routine currently!

Happybuy Fitness Tube

Dani Austin Pregnant Workout Happybuy Fitness Tube

This guy is essential! I use it a ton in my routine as you can see in the video!


Dani Austin pregnant Workout TOPLUS Yoga Mat

This is my current yoga mat! It’s slip-resistant and lightweight which I prefer.

AmazonBasics Neoprene Dumbbell Hand Weights

Dani Austin pregnant workout weights

I thought this color was really cute, but obviously you can get whatever color and level weights you prefer!

MaxKare Flat Weight Bench

Dani Austin MaxKare Flat Weight Bench

We’ve been using our upstairs space as a workout room and it’s been so awesome! I needed a bench to sit at and use for workouts – especially because the room was pretty much empty. This one is pretty affordable and flexible for lots of different workouts.

GHB Ladder

Dani Austin Pregnant Workout GBH Ladder

I use this in almost every routine! It makes me feel like I’m in a boot camp – Cadet Kelly style 😉 This is an easy way to incorporate some intense cardio into your routine – highly recommend!

HomGarden Stepper

HomeGarden Stepper

The stepper has become a consistent part of my routine – and with a pregnant belly, it’s 10x more intense! This is adjustable so you can change the height super easily.

Balance Ball

Dani Austin Pregnant Workout balance ball

Everybody needs a good balance ball! Hot pink = BONUS.

Core Exercise Sliders

DAni austin pregnant workout Core Exercise Sliders

These are super affordable and have worked really well for me! They have a fabric side and a plastic side so you can use them on multiple surfaces which I love.

Dumbbell Rack

Dani Austin Dumbbell Rack

I figure since we’re doing the whole at-home gym thing, why not fully commit?! Trying to keep it at least a little organized with this rack!

Letsfit Booty Bands

Dani Austin Pregnant Workout Letsfit Booty Bands

These are actually perfect for postpartum workouts. They seriously add a whole new level of intensity to your stretches 😅

Pilates Ring

Pilates Ring

This is SO good for toning 💪

Terra-Core Balance Trainer

Dani Austin Pregnant Workout Terra-Core Balance Trainer

Last but DEFINITELY not least – this balance trainer is so worth the splurge. I use it everyday! It helps to engage your muscles more and to really make the most of the exercises you would usually do on the ground.

Any other pregnant mamas out there? What’s your pregnant workout routine?