dani Austin closet reveal

Y’all – I feel like this is my Princess Diaries moment. When we were packing up all of my clothes and shoes, I was not convinced this was gonna work out… your girl LOVES a good outfit, but clothes are also a big part of my job (in more ways than one – have you seen my collection yet?!?!)! My closet isn’t exactly on the minimal side, and I knew I was gonna need some HELP. Thankfully, my girls from The Neat Method came to the rescue! They tackled every part of our hectic home and made it GORGEOUS. I wanted to start off by showing you the crowning glory… my newly organized closet!


They started off by sorting my clothes by seasons, and then by type. You can see a bunch of my summer clothes and shoes here – plus my jeans! An easy way to instantly make your closet chicer is to add velvet hangers, they’re very affordable and keep unflattering bulges on the shoulders of your tops!

Drawer Dividers // 32-Compartment Drawer Divider (for undies and socks!)

Dreamy Details

If these drawers aren’t the most satisfying things you’ve seen all DAY amiright?! I always find workout clothes kind of hard to neatly put away. They’re so slippery and stretchy! But they folded and stacked them so perfectly – and they’re so happy to show you how so that you can keep it up! I am determined to keep this just how it is 😍

I also LOVE these little dividers for my bras! All of my sticky boobs, bralettes, and bras can stay in the same drawer without spilling everywhere!

dani Austin closet reveal organization

These ladies make use of EVERY space and I love it! These little baskets hold all of my swimsuits, and they sit right under my hanging clothes. I also love these cute wicker baskets.

dani Austin closet reveal purses

I meaaaaan 😍

These are our built-ins, but you can order smaller units like these off of Amazon and stack them to create the same look! The Neat Method got ALL of my (and Jordan’s!) shoes to somehow fit and organized them by color. Clearly, I love me a white sneaker!

dani Austin closet reveal shoes

Amazon Shoe Shelving Unit

Here’s what I meant by the Amazon shelving units! We had an empty space so I used one of these to store more shoes. If you look at the first pic, you probably didn’t even notice that it wasn’t a built-in at first, right?! Sneaaakkyyyy! And so practical.

dani Austin closet reveal

This closet “island” stores so many little things, and I have room for more there. It definitely has been coming in handy when I need to lay out a few outfits!


I would have been absolutely LOST without The Neat Method. These ladies are just the BEST at what they do, and I can’t wait to show y’all the REST of the house!!!

Do you have any tips for organizing your closet?