dani Austin heat-free hairstyles style space buns

Y’all know I’m a wig queen 👸 and I love styling them, usually with heat. But when it comes to my natural hair, I’m being so careful to just let it do its thanggg – I’m not using ANY heat on it for at least a year! It’s already grown out so much since I started taking so many precautions, but I still don’t feel confident enough to wear it out as is, so if I do wanna go wigless, I like to do something gentle with my natural hair. Even if you don’t struggle with hair loss, these are so great for hair you’re trying to grow out or just a quick and easy look! Here are my fave heat-free hairstyles.

1. The Slick Pony

dani Austin heat-free hairstyles style ponytail

This is such an easy fix! I put my hair into a low pony and grab my fave magical hair wand from Amazon to comb down all the flyaways – it literally takes 10 seconds and OILA! SO cute and easy.

2. Space Buns

I get questions about how I do these all the time! Here’s a lil tutorial!

  • Step 1: split your hair in two.
  • Step 2: Pull each section into a super high little bun on top of your head – you can kinda do this however you want! I like to pull the hair most of the way through the hair tie but not ALL the way, so it makes a little fan almost, but they’re gonna end up messy anyways so however you usually do a bun is fine!
  • Step 3: Grab some bobby pins and get to WERK! I like to pop them in until I feel like the buns have a messy but secure look! That’s it!

3. Barrettes

dani austin barrettes hair style heat-free

I am loving the 90s trends right now and barrettes coming back makes me feel like I’m 5 again hehe. My fave fast thing is to just jazz up my hair with a couple of cute barrettes – I especially like these cuties from Amazon – plus this pack is only $8!

If you try any of these, tag me so I can see!! What are your fave ways to change up your look, heat-free?