Stratton is almost here, AH! I’ve been prepping my hospital bag for labor and think I’m finally finished. There’s so much that goes into having a baby, and the hospital only provides some of it. So many of these products helped me out with Stella’s birth over a year ago, so I wanted to put it all together for you guys !

dani austin hopsital bag labor pregnancy

For Mom:

This is everything that I used and loved last time! I know it looks like a lot, but it’s truly so worth it, and you’ll use a lot of it after you get home too. In my opinion, it’s way better to be over-prepared than under (click item to follow link)!

For Dad:

dani austin hopsital bag labor pregnancy for dad

Jordan was literally so underprepared and cranky last time so I have been telling him he needs to be better prepared this time around 😂.  I don’t totally trust him to think through everything he needs though, so I’ve been prepping for him too lol! He needs to be happy so that he can take care of ME lol (click item to follow link)!

For Baby:

dani austin hopsital bag labor pregnancy baby

Of course, can’t forget the star of the show! Here’s what I’m bringing for Stratton. Honestly, most of his stuff will be waiting at home, so you don’t have to bring too much other than a few outfits, a car seat, and anything cute you want for newborn pics!

*Phew!* I feel so relieved to be ready to hop into the car with my hospital bag when baby gets here! He’s SO CLOSE! I hope this helps all my fellow mamas out there. Remember – you were made for this! You’ve GOT this! If you’re looking for s